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Visa Denied / ATIP and Reconsideration Services

If your visa was denied you will have the option to view the reasons for denial or if you believe the immigration officer made a mistake you may opt for reconsideration.

Web Form

The web form is an online tool used to communicate with Immigration Canada (IRCC). 

Withdrawal of application

An applicant may withdraw an application at any time until IRCC issues a decision.

Change of DLI

You can change your DLI while your study visa application is in progress or after landing in Canada and obtaining your study permit at the airport.

Request Letter
(Request Letter)

This letter is received when the IRCC needs additional documents before making a decision on an application for temporary residence or permanent residence.


Statement made voluntarily by a deponent under oath by a person authorized by law

Status Restoration

The ideal way to regain the status that has been lost after the expiration of a visa.

Visa Extension

The ideal way to extend your status and stay in Canada.

Status Change

Understanding the reasons for rejection and accessing the officer's notes is the main key to working on a visa re-application.

LMIA Positive

This document will authorize a Canadian employer to hire a foreign worker who is not exempt from LMIA.

LMIA Exception

Work permit facilitated and exempted from LMIA thanks to an International Free Trade Agreement.

Travel Document (TVR)

A document that is placed in your passport to show that you meet the requirements for admission to Canada.
Business counseling

LOA Verification

Confirm that your letter of acceptance (LOA) is genuine and valid for the process. 

Verification of immigration process

Use this service if you are unsure of the veracity of a migration service provided by a company in which you have little confidence.

Border Package

The perfect way to apply for a work permit upon arrival in Canada.
Business counseling

Monthly business immigration counseling

We provide immigration advice to companies that need to make a Canadian immigration process to employees or clients. 

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