Immiland Translations offers specialized certified translation services for migration to Canada, covering a wide range of business documents such as civil certificates, legal documents, medical documents, among others, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance with Canadian immigration requirements.

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Regular Translation

Our Regular Translations service offers an efficient and accurate solution for your text translation needs. You can translate all those documents necessary for your immigration process with our certified translators and receive them within a maximum of 7 business days, ensuring speed and efficiency in each project. With this service, you can trust that your documents will be translated professionally and within the established time frame.

Express Translation

Our Express Translations option provides you with an agile and accurate solution for your text translation requirements. With our certified translators, you can carry out the translation of all the documents necessary for your immigration process, and receive them within a maximum of 5 business days.

Translation of Licenses

Each province in Canada may have specific requirements and regulations regarding license translation. Therefore, it is critical to select the service that conforms to the regulations of the province in which the translated license is required to be used. This ensures that the translation is valid and accepted by the relevant authorities. We have translators to translate licenses in BC, Ontario and Quebec.

Special Translations

We specialize in translations that require the experience and certification of translators recognized by ATIO and OTTIAQ.

One of our special services is the Comparative Evaluation of Studies, which requires special precision and quality, since it covers fields such as medicine, law, and engineering, among others. Our certified translators guarantee a professional translation that is faithful to the original, meeting the standards required by these organizations.

Regular translation

Our team is composed of translators certified in Canada under the Ordre des traducteurs terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec.
addition, we have translators certified in different countries.

We are specialists in legal, immigration, financial, technical, educational, medical and scientific documents.

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