Land of Immigrants


Founded by Eddy Andreina Ramirez, Immiland Canada is a company created to guide, inform and represent in a legal environment people who wish to immigrate to Canada, either temporarily or permanently. Immiland will process each of your applications as if it were our own application.

The word Immiland refers to a "Land of Immigrants" a country where the most important value is cultural diversity. Every year thousands of immigrants are welcomed to continue making this country a more fascinating place.

Immiland is created by an immigrant for immigrants. The fact of being represented by an immigrant makes this process more user friendly as we understand all the questions, fears and uncertainties that may arise before taking such an important step as starting a new life in a different country.

Eddy Ramirez

Our Values

Ethics and loyalty
Ethics, loyalty and privacy
Professionalism and dedication
Excellence and honesty


Immiland's main objective is to communicate all the complete Canadian immigration information in a truthful, clear and accurate way to users and families all over the world.


To be a point of reference in the Canadian immigration sector as a leading, honest, humane and professional company that contributes to its economic, social and personal development.

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