Programs between 17 months and 3 years on:

  • Business,

  • Technology,

  • Social Sciences,

  • Humanity,

  • Tourism,

  • Hotel Management,

  • Management,

  • Arts,

  • Design among others, are some of the many choices you have when coming to Canada to study.

​Remember, after finishing your education program you will have the possibility to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence



Canada hosts top level Universities. Obtaining a diploma from one of those Universities will highly contribute on your CV. Your educational options to study in Canada are:



  • Bachelor’s degrees;

  • Masters;

  • PHD.



Canada is an excellent country to learn English or French. Study while enjoying this wonderful country and its multicultural environment.



Immiland has educational agreements and offers special discounts for students who enroll in one of our learning programs and decide to continue with the pathway program


Our immigration consultant Eddy Ramirez will be involved in the entire process of your application which includes :   


  • Collection of all your information,

  • Verify requirements,

  • Filling of forms, 

  • Redaction of all required papers in english,

  • Sending all application documents,

  • Complete tracking of the application. 


Immiland Canada has educational agreements with more than 100 colleges and institutes in Canada which are all recognized as DLI (Designated Learning Institution) which allows us to process study visas. Thanks to our agreements with different colleges, we can offer you a wide variety of educational options. Under this category there are two ways to proceed:

Email Educational Options

You can complete the form by clicking the button below so we can register your profile and educational intentions. With that information we will be able to send you an e-mail with some options of colleges that fit your educational needs.(Cost of the service for sending educational options: CAD $15).

Vocational Counseling

if you require more detailed study advice, please select the day and time that you would like to book an appointment via Skype with our study adviser. The cost of this service is CAD $65 and it lasts 30 minutes.

Please note the following:

1. Our colleges in Canada are DLI which means that they are recognized to issue study permits,

2. The option to have a  Post-graduation Work permit to stay in Canada and gain Canadian work experience when you finish your studies.

3. By studying a post-secondary program at a college in Canada, the student can apply for a study-work visa. This  visa allows the student to work part time (20 hours per week) while in class and full time during vacation.

4. The student's partner has access to an open work visa without hours limits.

5. The student's children, if they are over 5 years old, can study at school for free. For children under 5 years of age, parents must cover childcare and preschool expenses.


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