Educational counseling

What does this appointment include?

  • Explore the Canadian education system.
  • Evaluate different institutions in the province(s) of your interest.
  • Evaluate academic options that respect the logical and progressive thread of their studies.
  • Determine program cost and application requirements.
  • Email you different options of evaluated programs.
  • Register you to the program of your choice with no administrative fee other than the registration fee charged by the college. As long as the registration is with one of the institutions immiland works with.

What do I need to know before the appointment?

This appointment is subject to availability of Immiland consultants so it is not possible to choose the consultant who will give the appointment.

After the appointment a maximum of 8 emails with your questions will be answered before proceeding with the registration.

Please note that no immigration issues are covered during this consultation. For immigration consultations please schedule a consultation with our ICCRC member consultants.

IMPORTANT: if you are within Canada please do not pay directly through this platform. You must send an email to to send you a manual invoice which will include the taxes applicable to your purchase (please tell us in which province you are located).

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