Do you want to travel to Canada but don't know how to organize yourself financially?

Liseth Ruiz - Immiland Canada

Liseth Ruiz, CPA, tax and financial specialist with a special focus on providing financial advice for those planning to migrate to Canada.

"My goal is to help you make smart and safe decisions in your migration process, ensuring a solid financial well-being in your new life in Canada."

With my passion for making your dreams come true, I will guide you with valuable strategies to plan your migration effectively, ensuring a smooth financial transition

In this appointment you will be able to:

  • Determining the budget required to immigrate to Canada
  • Salary evaluation and client savings capacity
  • Evaluate fixed monthly expenses
  • Determine percentage of possible monthly savings
  • Structuring different savings strategies
  • Delivery of an action plan to achieve savings targets within the timeframe established in the consultation.
Nicolas Urena - Immiland Canada

Nicolas Urena is here to help you navigate the world of Canadian finances.

In my consultation, I will provide you with valuable information on how to build and maintain a strong credit history, optimize your taxes, plan for retirement and establish effective savings plans.

Join me in this consultation, and together we will create a path to financial stability in Canada.

New to Canada and wondering how to manage your finances in this country?


In this appointment you will be able to:

  • Introduction to finance in Canada (credit scoring, income tax, retirement and savings plans). Explanation, not advice.
  • How to start a credit history?
  • What can you do to maintain a healthy credit history?
  • What are the appropriate financial institutions?
  • Taxes in Canada
  • Who is subject to file taxes?
  • How and when do I file taxes in Canada?
  • Why should we pay taxes to the government and why do we receive percentage returns?
  • Submission of documents that support what was discussed in the consultation,

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