Educational Options

Educational options in Canada

What does it consist of?

The educational options service is a support to students to find options or programs in colleges or institutes with which Immiland has an agreement.

Once the best option is chosen from the proposals sent by our education department, the student must make the registration to the college through Immiland in order to be represented before the chosen institution.

Benefits for your process
with Immiland Education

  • Depending on the college or institute, thanks to Immiland Canada you can get discounts on registration fees.
  • We only offer PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) eligible institutions so you can be confident that the institution you choose will be able to employ you after graduation for the duration of your studies.
  • We will be able to expedite your registration process and obtain the acceptance letter faster than usual, since we work directly with the institutions.
  • Support 100% in Spanish.
  • Review of requirements prior to sending applications to schools, your registration will not be sent without it being complete.
  • We are CCEA (Canadian Course for Education Agents) certified counsellors and CPC (Career Professionals of Canada) Certified Career Strategists.

What is included in the service of
educational options

  • Explore different academic options in the area of study in the schools and universities with which Immiland has an agreement.
  • Determine the approximate cost of the program(s).
  • Send by email the solution of doubts pertinent to the selected options (you will have a maximum of 8 emails to solve doubts before making the decision).
  • Register you to the program of your choice without any administrative fee, except for the registration fee charged by the college. As long as the registration is with one of the colleges immiland works with.

Terms and Conditions

  • This service is provided by the academic agent. This service is NOT provided by the RCIC member immigration consultant.
  • The education department is not able to answer any questions on immigration matters. Therefore, if you need to clarify any questions about temporary visas or pathways to permanent residency, it is mandatory to schedule an immigration appointment with an ICCRC consultant.
  • The service is provided via e-mail under the domain
  • This is a free, generic service offered by Immiland. After receiving it, you work hand in hand with an educational agent on the specifics of your selection.
  • Program costs are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Academic program start dates are subject to change or cancellation without prior notice.
  • Most of the programs offered in Canada are taught in English, as courses in French are available only in some provinces. For this reason, we may recommend study programs in English.
  • Most educational institutions in Canada require a language proficiency test in either English or French. Note that you will likely be asked to present a valid certificate proving your proficiency in the language (such as IELTS, TOEFL, CELPIP, CAEL, or other recognized certifications).
  • Immiland is only a facilitator of communication between the Canadian institution and the student. Therefore, Immiland cannot interfere in the admission process, nor can it process refunds or receive any tuition payments from the student. All payment and refund issues are handled directly with the educational institution once the student has been registered.
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