Benefits of applying to an institution in Canada with Immiland Education

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Free advice

We do not charge for administration or appointments, we give you free advice for the whole educational area and we accompany you until you start your classes in Canada.

Possibility of Free Registration Higher Education

Savings on registration fees or special discounts with some of our partner institutions.

Special Promotions

Special promotions available with our language institutions (free weeks, percentage discounts).

Communication in Spanish

Many institutions in Canada do not have a representative who can communicate in Spanish, at Immiland we have accompaniment in Spanish from start to finish.

Direct contact with our institutions

We have direct contact with our partner institutions, which allows for a smoother admissions process.

Logical thread of the studies

The study department does not have immigration counseling, by law it is not legal, in Immiland we have all the immigration services and we are guided by the instructions of our consultants regulated by the Canadian government for the study programs.

Good portfolio of options

We have more than 100 partner institutions in Canada, offering a wide portfolio with very good study options.

Specialists in Canada

We are specialists in education in Canada, we do not offer options in other countries, we specialize and train continuously to be up to date with education in Canada offering the best service in the market.

Certified advisors

All our consultants are certified by the CCEA "Canadian course for education agents" and have extensive experience in the Canadian educational field, both in languages and post-secondary studies.

Seal of Assurance: PGWP-eligible Institutions

All of our post-secondary institutions are eligible for the PGWP, at Immiland we do not have any institutions that are not eligible for the postgraduate permit after graduation.

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