Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island
Fairmount Castle

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Prince Edward Island is famous for its picturesque beaches, characterized by the distinctive rusty red color of the sand and dunes. Formed from soft sandstone, the color is due to the high iron oxide content. PEI has 1,100 km of coastline in total. Prince Edward Island is the only exclusively island province in Canada, and also the smallest by both area and population, with only 150,000 inhabitants. A rich farmland, the island was one of the first parts of Canada to be settled by Europeans.

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Prince Edward Island enjoys a long season of abundant precipitation throughout the year. July and August are the driest months and December tends to see the most precipitation. PEI has about 1/3 as many foggy days as NS or NB, that's absolutely incredible for a maritime province! PEI winters have an average temperature of -7 degrees.

Cost of living in Canada

Cost of Cost of Living

1 month average

CAD $1,205
Apt. 1 bedr.
CAD $150
CAD $543
CAD $65
CAD $925


Canadian Dollars
CAD $29,679 to CAD $48,000
/ year
CAD $15 to CAD $25
/ hour
Canadian dollars
CAD $27,840
/ year
/ hour
Canadian Dollar
CAD $50,000 +
/ year
CAD $26
/ hour


Prince Edward Island is Canada's largest potato producer.

The province also produces dairy products, beef, pork, vegetables, grains, oilseeds, fruits and hay, while organic agriculture continues to grow.

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Health health system

International students in PEI are eligible for public health insurance if they will be living in PEI for at least six months. However, a person can only apply for a PEI Health Card after residing in the province for at least three months. The first few months of study must be covered by private insurance.

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Canadian Driver's License

Driver's driver's license

If you are not a resident of PEI but are a visitor, student or temporary worker, you may drive under the authority of your non-PEI driver's license which is permitted. If you are a full-time student attending an educational institution in PEI (UPEI or university), you may drive in PEI with your local license if your license is current and valid and, if required, accompanied by an International Driving Permit.

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Canadian Places


Prince Edward Island


Charlottetown has Victorian-era charm and a surprisingly small-town atmosphere. Many beautiful trails run along the harborfront and lead to Victoria Park, the location of historic fortifications.

Green Gables

From the fictional character "Anne of Green Gables," the green-roofed cottage, "Green Gables," and surrounding land belonged to Montgomery's uncle and she visited it often as a child. It is now a National Historic Site.

Confederation Bridge

Completed in 1997, the Confederation Bridge crosses the Northumberland Strait, connecting Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada for the first time. The 12.9-kilometer bridge is the world's longest bridge over ice water and is considered one of Canada's major engineering achievements of the 20th century.

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