Benefits of studying a master's degree in Canada: a tool that will change your life

Benefits of studying a master's degree in Canada: a tool that will change your lifeBenefits of studying a master's degree in Canada: a tool that will change your life

In Canada, there is a privileged group of international students who were not affected by the measures announced on January 22, 2024, which are aimed at reducing the number of permits for undergraduate students who are in their home countries and aspire to pursue academic programs in colleges or universities in this country. We are referring to international students who want to do a master's degree, for them, this higher education can be a tool that will change their lives and will allow them to manage their permanent residence in Canada once they graduate.  

Our immigration consulting firm, Immiland Canada, publishes this article to inform you about the benefits of studying a master's degree this 2024 in prestigious Canadian universities and which are the most recommended programs. Therefore, we are going to mention five of the most important benefits below.

Five benefits of studying a master's degree in Canada

Foreigners who want to study a master's degree in Canada have a golden opportunity this year by being able to count on the following:

1. An open work permit for your partner:

This is a huge advantage for both because while the principal is studying, his or her companion can work to contribute to living expenses during the time they are in the country. In addition, it means the continuity of the affective relationship of both, even of the whole family, if there are children.

2. The exemption of the provincial letter of acceptance or attestation letter:

The international student can choose the province that best suits his or her search in a more expeditious time because it does not require the new step of requesting a study permit from the province.

3. Residency Plans:

If you choose to do your master's degree in one of these two provinces: Ontario and British Columbia, you will have access to PNP's plans for permanent residency.

4. The possibility of requesting a Post-Graduate Study Permit (PGWP).

For three years even if you study for a one-year master's degree. Learn about the cost of living in Ontario and British Columbia.

5. The province of Quebec takes you directly to the PEQ (Québec Experience Program) upon graduation.

ThePEQ allows you to obtain a Quebec selection certificate to settle permanently in Quebec. Learn about the cost of living in Quebec.

Immiland's recommendations for pursuing a master's degree in Canada in 2024 

The most important thing when pursuing a master's degree in Canada is that it follows a logical thread with what you studied in your home country and gives specialized continuity to your profession. Also, be aware that student couples can apply in the following cases:  

  • If the international student will be pursuing a master's or doctoral degree at a university or polytechnic institution.  
  • If the student is going to pursue any master's degree, for example, in business administration, architecture, engineering, information technology, etc. 
  • Some programs of study are: Master of Administration with focus on emerging technologies and entrepreneurship, Master of Data Analytics, Master of Business Administration - Global Business Management, Master of Business Administration - Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Master of Management. See costs, more programs and colleges in this blog.

So far we share this valuable information, but not before remembering that the Canadian government offers many immigration routes, so keep the courage and confidence that by any of the routes offered by the country you can apply, the key is to prepare yourself very well with the language, study, economic funds and work experience. 

If you would like Immiland to send you educational options in the area of Master's degrees, you can contact us here and we will review your case so that you can start classes in September of this year or next year. We have agreements with many universities in Canada and can register you at a discounted or no cost. To determine the cost of the program and application requirements, click here.

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