How many times have we not heard hundreds of people talk about this famous letter of motives.

Is it as important as they say?

In this post we will talk about it.

In addition to the letter of motives, there are extremely important elements to evaluate such as:

- Statements of all the economic solvency required to travel to Canada,
- LOA from the college (letter of acceptance) in case of coming to study,

- Employment contract (in case of coming to work in Canada)
- Valid passport or with extension (extension for Venezuelans), with a good travel history,
- Demonstrate roots,
- And finally a letter of motives explaining the "purpose of travel".

Many visas are denied based on the "purpose of travel" and this is in the letter of motivation.

At Immiland we are extremely dedicated to drafting letters of motivation that cover every angle of your immigration plan and do not leave out any element that could jeopardize your application. Of course, knowing that Immiland does not guarantee that your visa will be approved.

I explain the contents of a well-drafted letter of motivation:

- A document that tells a little about the applicant,
- Including work experience and previous studies,
- Explain the reasons for your trip. These reasons should be very objective. Avoid talking about future dreams and goals, about growing old in Canada and seeing your children grow up happily. These elements unfortunately do not support the reasons for your trip.
- Explain how the program to study in Canada is amalgamated with previous studies and experience, in case of coming for the study pathway.
- In case of coming for the employment pathway, indicate how the applicant has the studies and previous work experience required to fill that job position,
- Talk about future plans that may exist to return to the country of origin at the end of their temporary visa in Canada,
- Indicate what ties them to their country (property, family, work, etc.).

We cannot assure you that your visa will be approved, but you should know that you have a better chance of being approved.

The letter of motivation is your voice in your application, remember that when you apply for a Canadian visa there is no interview as with other visas, such as the American visa for example. So your only window of communication with the agent who approves or rejects the visa is this letter of motivation.

Hire Immiland's services to apply for any type of visa.
Important note*: It is not possible to hire Immiland's services only for the letter, but you can request support in the translation of the letter.

If you want to migrate via studies and you still don't know what to study we recommend you to have a vocational consultation which you can schedule here.

If you want to migrate via work and you don't have your Canadian CV yet, Immiland can help you.

With love,

Immiland Canada

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