LaSalle College


2000, Sainte-Catherine Street West Montréal, Québec, H3H 2T2
Main Programs
  • DEC - Fashion Design
  • DEC - Fashion Marketing
  • DEC - Hotel Management Technique
  • DEC - Food Service Management
  • AEC and DEC- Business Management
  • AEC - Transportation Logistics
  • AEC and DEC - Accounting and Management Technology
  • AEC and DEC - Early Childhood Education
  • AEC - Information Technology Programme Analyst


LaSalle College offers vocational, university and pre-university training. Located in the heart of downtown Laval, it is the largest bilingual college in North America. The college has 5 specialized schools with more than 60 programs based on creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation and openness to the world at the heart of its educational plan: Business and Technology, Hospitality and Tourism, Fashion, Arts and Design, Social Sciences and Education, VFX and Game Design.

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