Langara College


100 West 49th Avenue / in partnership with AB*.
Main Programs

Langara College has about 101 programs with the 2-year undergraduate (technical) programs and its 2-year graduate programs being the most popular, such as:

  • College Diploma - Journalism
  • Associate of Arts - Geography
  • College Diploma - Applied Science for Engineering
  • Post-Degree Diploma - Business Administration
  • Post-Degree Diploma - Marketing Management
  • Post-Degree Diploma - Data Analytics
  • Post-Degree Diploma - Web and Mobile App Design and Development - Developer

Among others.


Langara College is an institution established in 1994 as an independent public college. Today, Langara is one of BC's leading undergraduate institutions providing undergraduate, professional and continuing studies programs and courses to more than 23,000 students annually, including more than 6,000 international students, who are attracted to its accessible, quality education. Langara offers a variety of programs ranging from the arts to science to business management.

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