Fanshawe College


1001 Fanshawe College Blvd, London, ON N5Y 5R6
Main Programs

Their 2-year technical degrees are quite popular, however, they do the 1+1 program (union of 2 1-year postgraduate degrees for a total of 2 years of study and a 3-year PGWP) which has become very popular for our students who already have a bachelor's degree.

Examples of programs:

  1. College Diploma - Business (exists in different areas such as accounting, finance, HR , insurance, supply chain, marketing)
  2. College Diploma - Carpentry and Renovation Technician (CRT1) (Co-op)
  3. College Diploma - Fitness and Health Promotion (FHP1)
  4. College Diploma - GIS and Urban Planning (URP2) (Co-op)
  5. College Diploma - Interior Decorating (ITD1) (Co-op)
  6. College Diploma - Law Clerk (LCK2) (Co-op)
  7. Graduate Certificate - BIM and Integrated Practice (BIM2)
  8. Graduate Certificate - Broadcast Journalism - Television News (TVN1)
  9. Graduate Certificate - Construction Project Management (CPJ2)
  10. Graduate Certificate - Geographic Information Systems (GIS1) (Optional Co-op)
  11. Graduate Certificate - Operations Management (OPM2)

Among others.


It is a well known public institution in the Ontario region in the city of London, offering more than 200 study programs in different areas. They have about 43,000 students each year in the 4 different campuses, it is a very comprehensive college because they are specialized in various fields such as technology, health, arts, business and engineering.

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