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if you were planning to travel to

Canada with partner and has not yet applied

the visa or has not applied to your program

educational this video is going to be very

important to you because I will

share with you the programs we have in

that will be useful to you in the future.

apply for acceptance letter

and that your partner can apply for a

work permit Hello Hello Hello Very good

Welcome to a new edition of the

video Welcome to my channel as

you know my name is Ed Ramirez and I'm

invited to help you to reach

to Canada through legal channels as it has to

yesterday the Canadian government

specifically the minister of

immigration Mark Miller announced changes

in the food processing industry.

immigration linked to students

in Canada and these changes affect

Many people who want to travel to

Canada with partner this video is dedicated to

people traveling to Canada with

and these changes affect her if she

you were planning to travel to Canada

with a partner and has not yet applied the

visa or have not applied to your program

educational this video is going to be very

important to you because I will

share with you the programs we have in

that will be useful to you in the future.

apply for acceptance letter

and that your partner can apply for a

open work permit of that is

this video but before jumping to

there I want to take into account some of the following

aspects at this point if you are already

within Canada with a permit of

your partner may be able to

to continue to work with a permit of

work open and can be extended if

You have already applied for your visa.

answer all right if you already had your

aada application and your work permit

open his wife approved everything well to

who is affected by this law

have not applied for the visa and to persons

who have not yet applied to college

or college so we will explore

What educational options can we see at

you to register them on

Education department we have

partnership with hundreds of college and

universities many universities and

we can register you in

anyone But know one thing

each university has as an important

their admission process and there are

universities that can take a lot of

time to admit you up to 8

months the plans that I am going to give to

you of educational options in these areas.

options that I bring you here in that

are options in which we can

register them and receive letter of acceptance

approximately two months are

acceptances much faster than 8

months as in large universities.

let's start with the options let's jump

to the Great the options that we can

offer you begin

University of nagar Falls in Ontario on

registration fee with imiland is zero

we have a partnership with them and the

registration normally costs 150 but with

imiland is zero careers are Master

in Data analytics Master in

management focus on technologies

and entrepreneurship and a master's degree in

artes digital media and global

communication are three masters in this

the cost of the master's degree are


uh I would say uh annually about 15

and 0,000 per year the cost per race

and the total of studies are 2 years of

program, i.e., costs can be

between 32 35 and 40,000 for the

some apply for scholarships

I will tell you how to order the

information for you to access

all this information next program

o next university University of

canada West in the province of British

Columbia Vancouver the cost of

application is zero with and Milan

normally costs 150 with us from

zero are saving that cost

careers that there is a very important

en Master bus administration mba This

The total cost of the race is $33.000

for the 2 years or 16,000 per year is

a super good cost know that you are

universities have an English proficiency level of

in which you have to have

approximately ielts level 6.5

next academic crandal University

in the province of New Brunswick offers

a Master in management the cost of the

application with Im Milan is $0 New

bron week but great province

career Master in management the total

for 2 years is 36,000, or 18,000

same annual cost as a College but

is a master's degree in management and

Providence University in

manitoba master's degree in management 2 years

36,000 now important points are

four Ontario British universities

Columbia New Brunswick and manitoba in

Ontario we have three master's degrees in

British Columbia we have a master's degree in

New Brunswick one and in Manitoba another.

important all these careers Lo

important is that many master's

as you to Canada a master's degree on

same university system to ask you to

you have management experience

before these races that I have just mentioned

those that are linked to management

you do not need experience in

business previously For example, if

you are a physician you can do a master's degree

an mba if you are a lawyer can do

an mba if you are an accountant you can do

an NBA can always adapt to its

profile in addition to the point of view

migratory one when making applications

The study can always be linked to the

of a Master in bus administration

e.g. for a lawyer a doctor a

dentist because the dental component of the

business is always important to know

here they will tell me the following

careers are in private universities

Yes, but what about yesterday's minister

said that students going to

private institutions That have a

private partnership with an institution

these are not admissible for public

universities have their own curricula

have any partnership with any

Private College with no College

public Sorry for what you are

universities are valid so that

you apply to a post graduation

work permit after graduation and

in the application to the

study can bring their partners

then if you are watching this video

And you are panicking because you don't know

what you are going to do to be able to travel to

Canada with your partner will do the

next is going to look for the link that is

below in the description of this video If

you are watching me on YouTube and if you are not

is on YouTube if not on instagram it is going to

send them a little message and we will send it to you.

privately or go to the

biography to this video there you are going to

fill out a form where you will tell your

information and you will receive by mail a

document with a lot of options

educational master's degrees are scientific are

Well not cient but it's about 40 pages

of educational options, i.e.

totally free you will see which one you

The form is going to be made and it is going to be

register with us and Milan will

is in charge of delivering to you the

acceptance letter in hand so that

you make your application process

to the visa on their own or to hire us

for yilan to do your visa service

of application to the college or the

university or master's degree is fully

you don't have to pay us for anything

because emilan works as an agent for

each of these institutions.

you don't pay us a penny

penny I hope you find this video useful

get answers and be a solution

to the problem of where I study remember

think of a master's degree you can give a

a little bit of fear because you say how

a master's degree is a very good thing

Honestly, a master's degree is a very

good apart from another point of view by

example in the province of Ontario when

one studies a master's degree in certain

universities review what they are for

favor in those provinces As a result of

example Ontario and also for example in

British Columbia When you make a

master's degree in any of these universities that

are not these after graduation one

can apply for direct residency without

demonstrate work experience Se

called International Master grad e in addition

of this from the point of view

educational growth a master's degree

always because it goes above and beyond a college

and one thinks that it's not like a

a master's degree is going to cost me a lot more than

a College Honestly can be

I have just told you how they end up

to see cost the same as a College

18,000 per year But obviously if Ed

you are going to study at universities

as mcil University Concordia uh UDM uh

hc University of otawa University of

Toronto may be that the masters

cost more, for example, it cost me

36,000 per year then obviously the

expenses are much higher when one goes

to make a master's degree of this style that

is what I want to tell you here is what I am telling you

a little video where you are going to

see what the form looks like that they are going to

fill out for educational options the

The answer comes to you automatically

will see these educational options in more detail.

and I hope that they will get their

answer Be well bye bye bye

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