What happens during an immigration consultation?

What happens during an immigration consultation?What happens during an immigration consultation?

Do I need an immigration consultation? If you are asking yourself this question and want to know what our immigration consultation service consists of, we invite you to read the following step by step that will explain in detail what our Immigration Consultations consist of.

1. Profile evaluation: During the first 5 minutes, the client is asked questions regarding his/her profile and that of his/her partner (if applicable). These questions refer to:

  • Studies.
  • Work experience.
  • Age.
  • Citizenship.
  • Permanent residence.
  • Language level.
  • Interests and dreams in Canada.

2. Creation of a complete and detailed migration plan:Based on the answers of the profile evaluation and the aspirations that the client has (if possible), we begin to indicate which migration options can be evaluated. According to this it will be defined if their migratory process, which can be by:

  • Studies.
  • Work.
  • Express Entry.
  • Sponsorship.
  • Once the immigration process has been defined, we will evaluate the strategies to make it happen. In addition, we will explain in depth what you should do prior to arrival in Canada and what you should do once you arrive in Canada.

3. Creation of strategy to improve the profile and achieve short, medium or long term immigration aspirations: Once the immigration plan is defined and you are given the strategies to achieve it, we will proceed to see the viability of your temporary visa in Canada. At this point we will evaluate the admissibility of your profile and define a list of elements that you will have to work on immediately and in a mandatory manner, before applying for any type of visa with the Canadian government. The objective of this point is to decrease the chances of a rejection.

4. Sending documents that support what was discussed in the Immigration Consultation: Immiland has a series of guides that explain in written form all the topics that are discussed in the immigration consultation, also includes the support of law (Name of Programs), so that you as a client have a backup that will serve as a guide that will also serve you upon your arrival in Canada. The objective of this point is to avoid the margin of error in the future.

5. Follow Up by email after the appointment with a maximum of 5 emails: In Immiland we understand that after the appointment, doubts may arise on the part of the client, that is why you have the possibility to contact the consultant after the appointment via email, where you can clarify questions only and exclusively to what was discussed in the Immigration Consultation.

Our consultant will not be able to answer questions or provide you with material on immigration programs that were not discussed at the Immigration Consultation.

6. Access to the Education Department via Email: If the path defined in the Immigration Consultation is through the educational pathway, you will have direct access to our Education Department to search for the appropriate study program in the province(s) discussed in the immigration consultation. Additionally, our Education Department can take care of the registration.

*If you require additional help in the search or have questions on the Educational pathway, which cannot be answered via email, we suggest you can schedule a Vocational Appointment at this link.

7. College registration: If the client selects one of the colleges with which Immiland has agreements, the registration is done. It is important to note that the client must cover the college registration fee. All the follow-up of the college registration has NO administrative cost.

**The registration to the College or University will be done only and exclusively if Immiland has an agreement with the College or University.

If you already know the institution where you will study we can enroll you.

8. If it is for employment: If the plan defined in the Immigration Consultation is for employment, at the end of the appointment our consultant will send you an email where you will find a very useful guide, so that you can make your own CV and Cover Letter and tools that will be useful for your job search in Canada.

9. Express Entry:A detailed plan of the steps to follow to be able to apply for this option is sent.

10. Discount on our language courses with Planeta Immiland Education.

If you want you can take a free test to find out your English level.

You can schedule an Immigration Consultation with our CICC registered consultants.

We hope you find this information useful, in case you want to know more, we invite you to watch our video.

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