VISA REJECTED Now what do I do?

VISA REJECTED Now what do I do?VISA REJECTED Now what do I do?

We want to start by saying that after a visa rejection there is still hope!!!!

To apply for the ATIP, one possibility is to do it through a Canadian citizen or directly with an immigration consultant, we will be happy to help you apply for it and give you the analysis with comments and advice to reapply. 

The advantage of applying for an ATIP is that we will know in detail why the agent decided the way he did and on the other hand knowing his reasons will allow us to proceed later with an application that responds exactly to those reasons the agent had for denying the visa. 


The delivery time of the ATIP is approximately 40 working days. Once the document is received by Immiland, we will proceed to analyze the content and after that we will send you the ATIP plus the analysis of our consultants with suggestions and advice so you can reapply for your visa, Immiland will gladly manage your reapplication.

Sometimes when applying as a family group, it happens that the family applicant's visa is accepted, but his/her companion(s) is/are rejected. In these cases it is recommended to request the ATIP, which will allow us to understand the exact reasons for this rejection. 

What does this service include?

  • ATIP application,
  • Follow up with the Government of Canada to await receipt of the ATIP. Please note that the time management of generating the document is beyond Immiland's control,
  • Receipt of ATIP, 
  • Evaluation of the file, 
  • We send you a detailed and substantiated analysis of the rejection in which, in addition to explaining the rejection, we immediately give you a plan of action for any future application. In this way, you will be able to work on a solid strategy for a new visa application in the future,
  • 10% discount on professional fees for visa application services with Immiland Canada. At the time of contracting you must send evidence of payment made by the ATIP to recognize the 10% discount,
  • Access to a free 15-minute call with our education department to choose a suitable educational program in case your application for a study permit has been denied for choosing the wrong program of study.

Whatever your visa denial case, Immiland will be there to help you apply for your ATIP and/or reapply for your denied visa.

If you want to know more you can watch our related youtube video.

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