THE I CAN DREAM EVENT: What happens during and after our event?

THE I CAN DREAM EVENT: What happens during and after our event?THE I CAN DREAM EVENT: What happens during and after our event?

Since day one when I decided to create this event, my main objective was to devirtualize the relationship between you and the entire team behind Immiland, in order to provide you with complete information so that you can take the first step on the road to fulfill your dream of going to Canada.

It fills our hearts with joy to be able to live this beautiful experience in each of the countries we have visited since January 2022 in this first version of our Latin American tour; to meet them in person and to have helped more than 1600 people so far, to take their hand and guide them so they can fulfill their dream of reaching Canada, is a great triumph for the entire Immiland team, many of the attendees of this event are already in Canada and many others are on their way to fulfill their dream.

But what happens during and after the I Can Dream Event?

This 6-hour event was designed to provide you with the necessary tools for your immigration process so you can do it 100% on your own.

In case you require additional support for convenience or time, we have all the services to support you, below we want to explain in detail what steps can be followed to continue with your process to get to Canada.

1. If you wish to migrate through the study route:

  • We can manage your registration at the College.
  • Help you in the search for the study program that fits your profile.
  • Manage your registration in language schools.

2. If you wish to migrate through the work route:

  • We will help you identify how to get a job.
  • Provide them with a migration plan according to your profiles.
  • Manage the negotiation of your job offer.
  • We will be able to review your job offer.

3. According to the first two points, we can manage your visa process.

4. If you do not know how to establish your life in Canada:

  • We will help you find a home in Canada.
  • We will help you open a bank account in Canada.
  • We will help you get a phone number in Canada.
  • We will help you obtain your medical insurance for travel to Canada.
  • We will help you make your first purchases in Canada.

For this and much more you can count on Immiland Canada, where our team of professionals will be able to provide you with the best attention so that you can fulfill your dream of reaching the country of the Maple Leaf.

Learn more about our event.

‍If youare looking for personalized counseling, you can schedule a Immigration Consultation.

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