How to start your process to immigrate to Canada?

How to start your process to immigrate to Canada?How to start your process to immigrate to Canada?

Basic requirements to be considered:

  1. Money: Whichever immigration pathway fits your profile, you must demonstrate economic solvency, keep in mind that migrating to Canada is not cheap and depending on the pathway and the family group you wish to migrate, will be the required amount that you must demonstrate when applying for the visa. This money must be provable in Canadian or American dollars or in the local currency. It must be available in a current or savings account and liquid to use it.
  2. Language: This point is very important and we advise you to practice either English or French, depending on the province you would like to migrate to. Although there is the option of studying, this can be the longest and most expensive way to go, and it also requires a demonstrable level of one of the two languages.
  3. Education: It is important to demonstrate that you have studies, depending on the immigration pathway that suits your profile, you must prove to Canada that you have a diploma of studies. The studies can be demonstrated with the diploma of studies. If you are currently studying in your country, we suggest you finish your studies and when you have graduated, you can apply to migrate to Canada.
  4. Employment: First of all, you must have a job offer before applying for a work permit in Canada. Additionally, take into consideration that you must demonstrate work experience for the position you are applying for in Canada. It can be related to what you studied or not. The important thing is that it is qualified or semi-skilled experience.
  5. Travel History: When you wish to apply for a temporary residence visa in Canada, it is recommended that you show that you have traveled to other countries and have complied with immigration rules in other countries. It is recommended that you show that you have traveled to other countries and have complied with immigration rules in other countries. A passport without stamps makes it more difficult to get a favorable decision from the immigration officer.
  6. Have a valid status: If you want to apply for a temporary residency visa from a country other than your home country, you must have a legal and valid status. If you are in that country illegally, unfortunately you should not apply for visitor, study or work visas, as there is a high probability of being denied.
  7. Roots: And finally you must demonstrate that you have roots in your country of origin when applying for temporary residence visas, since you must demonstrate to the government that you will return to your country of origin and that you have a link with your country. This can be demonstrated with properties, vehicles, inheritances, investments, etc.

Although it may seem difficult, if you have a clear path to follow to achieve your goal of living in the country of the maple leaf and also work hard to meet the requirements, you will surely achieve your goal.

If you would like us to advise you on your process, you can schedule an schedule an immigration consultation.

For more information on how to improve your profile, you can watch this video.

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