Find out who can represent you in your immigration process.

Find out who can represent you in your immigration process.Find out who can represent you in your immigration process.

We know that nowadays there are many scams where they offer you to fulfill your dream to get to Canada, for a not minor cost and we also know that these scammers are able to create fake work permits, create fake web pages and indicate that they do not have any kind of fee, but at the end of the day you will have to pay the ticket to get to Canada. Attention at this point, if you have a job offer the purchase of the ticket can be negotiable with the employer but you will never have to give the money to the recruiting company, since you will be able to manage the purchase of this directly through the airline.

In the video below we will show you how you will be able to recognize on the official website of the Canadian government if the person representing you is a lawyer, consultant or notary regulated by Canada. Immiland Canada will always recommend you to be advised by one of them.

Enter the page where you will be able to confirm who can represent you in your visa for Canada.

Please be very, very careful with scammers!!! There are too many out there. Here is a list of things to look out for to recognize scams:

  1. They are asking me for money to secure my job offer.
  2. Communication with the employer or the person in charge of the migration process is only conducted informally: whatsapp, text messages, etc. Or sometimes it is common to see fake recruiters using free email address domains like
  3. If there is a third party in charge of the migration process and no retainer agreement is signed, no monetary transactions are documented, no payment receipts are issued.
  4. I am asked for money to pay for my LMIA (if applicable), or to pay for other mandated job training or other supplies needed to perform the job.
  5. I am asked to have my money sent by DHL usually to locations outside of my home country and outside of Canada.
  6. I do not have any job interviews either with the employer or with third party recruitment agencies in charge of the process. When the employer is uninterested in learning more about your skills or experience, then the job offer is probably not real.
  7. A work permit legally authorizes a person to conduct work activities in Canada. A visa (passport sticker) or eTA allows a person to board a plane and travel. The first step is to travel to Canada with either a visa or eTA and a "work permit introduction letter", ONLY AT THE BORDER when entering the country is the work permit issued by an immigration officer, not before. Any supposedly official work permit that I get before traveling is false.
  8. All official communication from the Government of Canada comes from email addresses ending
  9. Unscrupulous people use the name and license number of real consultants to commit scams. Always check on the next page to make sure that the consultant's name, contact information and actual place of business match the person who has contacted you on the ICAC website.

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If you would like our immigration consultants regulated by the ICAC, we invite you to schedule an immigration consultation.

For more information on how to recognize your consultant, we invite you to watch the following video Video.

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