First of all we want to congratulate those who one day dreamed of coming to Canada and this 2022 managed to make their dream come true, how nice it is to read their list of resolutions from last year and see that they managed to materialize their dreams.

We are just a few days away from welcoming a new year and if your goal is to reach Canada in 2023, we want to share with you a list of actions that will make your Canadian dream come true:

  • Learn English: Knowing how to speak English will open many doors for you, both at school and at work. Do you know your level of English? We invite you to find out in the following link.
  • Learn French: even if you do not plan to live in a province where French is spoken, this could help you score more points to achieve permanent residency. Do you know your level of French? We invite you to find out in the following link.
  • Save: Migrating to Canada can be quite costly, right or wrong you have to make visa procedures, airline tickets, and many other expenses. Do you want to know how much this expense can be? We invite you to watch the following Youtube video.
  • Know your path: Canada has more than 100 immigration pathways, this means that Canada is a country open to receive the immigrant. But we understand that having so many possibilities can also be a bit confusing, so if you do not know what is your best option to migrate to Canada and get permanent residency we invite you to have an immigration consultation with our CICC consultants.
  • Evaluate if it is necessary to reinvent yourself: This will be recommended by your immigration consultant in case you have a regulated profession, you may have to make changes from your country in order to migrate to Canada through the labor route.
  • Are you ready for a change? Canada is a country full of opportunities, but it is important that you understand the changes that being here will bring to your life. We see a lot of things on social networks and Youtube videos, where they show that Canada is a wonderful country, and it really is. But it is also important to look at the negative things, that is to say that when you arrive in Canada you have a real perspective of what your life will be like.
  •  Psychology: You have to be very well prepared psychologically. At the beginning in a new country you will feel more lonely, the weather could also affect you since you will reach extreme temperatures, both hot and cold and it is important that you know that the days in winter become shorter, where the sun rises at 7am and the sun sets at 3pm. In some parts of Canada the days can be even shorter.
  • Travel: You didn't expect this one! For the Canadian government, a person who has traveled before is much more appealing, since he/she knows other cultures and has shown respect for their immigration laws.
  • Organize your papers: Do you already have your passport or do you think it is time to renew it? To apply for your visa you will need a lot of documents. And we understand that making this application can be a bit stressful, but don't worry at Immiland we can make the visa application for you. If you want to hire our services you can do it in the following link.
  • Health: If you have any pending medical procedure, it is best to have it done before your trip. Have your vaccinations up to date, and anticipate ophthalmologic and dental procedures.

This list may seem a bit heavy, but what we want to show you is that migrating to Canada is possible, but it is not something that can be achieved without effort and planning.

So study very well each one of these points and start doing them so that next year you will be reading this blog and you will be one of those who managed to make their dream of coming to Canada come true.

We invite you to watch our Youtube video where we talk about the TOP 3 best migration plans for 2023.

With love,


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