5 programs to immigrate to Canada and obtain Permanent Residence

The 5 most popular ways to apply for residency are: Express entry, work visa, study permit, family reunification and refugee. The purpose of these 5 options is for the person to arrive in Canada or to obtain permanent residency.

The people who apply for Express Entry and who obtain permanent residency are people who have a high level of education, who have an advanced level of English and/or French and who also have work experience after graduation. The Express Entry system works with points, the more experience they have the more points they will have. There are 2 types of Express Entry, for Skill Workers and for Skill Trades. Skill Workers are people with master's degrees or professional careers, Skill Trades are for people who do not have a university degree, but experience in technical careers.

Second, if the person comes to Canada on a work visa with a minimum job offer of 1 year, in certain types of professions, it allows him/her to obtain permanent residency. That is, after working 12 months in Canada, people can apply, for example, to the Canadian Experience Class, which is one of the branches of the Express Entry.

Third, it is the option of studies, in many cases it is the easiest but at the same time the most expensive. It is very important to choose the career depending on the province you are going to, since in many cases, the province offers migratory programs depending on what you have studied.

The fourth option is Family Reunification or better known as Sponsorship. This program allows you if you have an immediate family member who is a permanent resident or citizen in Canada, this family member can bring him/her to Canada as a permanent resident. In this option there are requirements that must be met and not all family members apply.

The fifth option is refuge. If you are in danger or have a situation that puts your life at risk of death or torture because you belong to a political or social party, you can apply for refuge in Canada. A detail to keep in mind with this option is that the person has to be inside Canada, whether traveling as a tourist or student, it is necessary that the person applies for refuge while in Canada.

These are 5 options that Canada offers you to obtain permanent residency. To evaluate their profiles in a general way without any cost you can enter the following link https://www.jotform.com/immiland/canada-form. After that, if you wish, you can schedule a personalized consultation via Skype. I hope this information has been helpful and hope to see you soon.

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