How to prepare to immigrate to Canada?

How to prepare to immigrate to Canada?How to prepare to immigrate to Canada?

Below, I detail the points to consider if you wish to come to Canada and in the future become a permanent resident. Please note that this is a general guide. It is not focused on any specific immigration program. I try to explain in a general way what a candidate should have in mind before starting any immigration process for this new life in Canada.

Economic solvency, availability of a checking or savings account: All programs have economic elements, some in smaller amounts than others. For this reason, we must be sure that before applying we have this solvency in a bank account. The funds must be liquid and available at the time of applying for the visa and the currency in which the funds are available must be a currency that can be exchanged into Canadian $.

Language: if you want to apply to any program English and/or French will be required. The way in which Canada evaluates the language level is by means of recognized exams. These exams are (IELTS and CELPIP) of general type if you are applying for a permanent residency program. If the objective is to study, then the exam must be of academic type and the score will depend on each university or college where you want to apply. If the candidate does not have the required language level, we will gladly offer you our language programs and their costs.

3. Previous studies: there are programs that do not require university or technical studies. However, all programs require the completion of high school and/or high school. Therefore, high school or baccalaureate studies are always required.

4. If the candidate's objective is to come to Canada to work, it will always be a priority requirement to have a job offer . There are options that do not require a job offer under some categories. As you can see in this video.

5. Travel to other countries. A passport with stamps from other countries has a better chance of obtaining a visa, since Canada may have evidence that in the past the applicant left his or her home country and returned. That is to say that the immigration laws of another country were respected.

6. Have a legal status in the country of application.

7. If your work experience is in the trades, do not forget to have endorsements in the area in which you work, either work letters, recommendations, references, etc.

All of these points are highly necessary and should be kept in mind when applying for a Canadian visa.

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