Learn about your immigration options for Canada according to your profile.

Learn about your immigration options for Canada according to your profile.Learn about your immigration options for Canada according to your profile.

If you do not know or are recently exploring the idea of coming to Canada, we suggest you schedule a personalized immigration consultation.

Learn about immigration options.

We have created for you, a list of options explained in detail with all the necessary information so you can take the right steps for your immigration plan to Canada:

1. Best Options for 2022:

In the link you will find information explained in detail about the TOP 3 best options to come to Canada during 2022.

2. Express Entry:  

In the link we explain why Express entry is a very attractive option for those people who have the time to wait for a process that demands quite high profiles. Important points in this process: Educational level, English and French, professional work experience after graduation, age.

3. Studying in Canada, everything you need to know!

In these links you will find general information about studying in Canada, as well as I explain in detail the action plan and the elements that you should take into account if your goal is to come to Canada as a student.

4. Working in Canada - Everything you need to know!

Types of Work Permits: In these links I explain the two types of work permits in Canada. Open permit and closed permit (single employer and LMIA Exception).

How to get the job offer: In this link I explain in detail what you need to do to get a job offer in Canada. If it is your dream to travel and live in Canada we show you the way to make it come true.

5. More Options for Working in Canada:

Find all the available options to come to Canada in the following links.

6. How to Become a Permanent Resident:

In this link I explain the 5 most important ways to obtain Canadian permanent residency.

7. Tell me your nationality and I'll tell you which option you have:

Canada has agreements with several countries around the world, that is why I have created this resource with detailed information by Nationality so you know what options you have to achieve your goal of living in Canada.

8. My Visa was denied. Now what do I do?:

Every day there are more and more cases of visas denied for different reasons, but your dream does not end here, in the link I explain in detail what you should do and what your options are.

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