Immiland introduces two new services

Immiland introduces two new servicesImmiland introduces two new services

Benchmarking Service:

It is an official comparative evaluation made by the MIFI (Ministry of Immigration, Frenchisation and Integration) of the studies of your country of origin. This evaluation is very similar to the ECA, but only applies to Quebec. The objective of this evaluation is to obtain points for past studies in order to be able to apply for permanent residence through the regular Quebec skilled worker program. This document can be useful if you want to join a professional order in Quebec or if you plan to work for the Quebec government. This assessment is not mandatory when applying for a job, but the comparative assessment can be requested by the employer even if it is not required. Having this assessment may add value to your professional profile in Quebec.

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Request for validation of a permanent job offer:

Known in French as Validation d'une offre d'emploi permanent. It is an official Quebec document made by a Quebec employer explaining that the employer is offering full-time, permanent employment to you to support you with your permanent residency application through the Quebec skilled worker program, which will help you score points. This document can help you get up to 14 points on your application. Having this permanent work validation will be useful for people inside and outside Canada (Quebec) who wish to apply through Arrima as well as for those who are in Quebec as a temporary worker.

To learn more about Quebec's programs, we invite you to watch the following video video.‍

You can schedule an immigration consultation, where we can help you define the best immigration plan according to your profile.

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