I do not speak English

I do not speak EnglishI do not speak English


First of all I would like to mention that YES English is very important at the moment of

First of all I want to mention that YES English is very important when considering migrating to Canada, this is why I want to explain the importance of English in three immigration tracks, I will demonstrate the level of English you should have when applying for a visa through the following tracks:

The first option to consider in the level of English is through the Express Entry, by this way you will arrive as a resident to Canada, so English is a very important point to consider, because if you do not have the language it is almost impossible to apply by this way. The minimum level of English required to apply for Express Entry is CLB 7, which can be obtained by taking the general IELTS test. Keep in mind that by having a higher score in the exam, you will obtain more points to apply through this route and you will be closer to obtain the residency. Another important point to consider in the Express Entry languages is the French language, which will give you more points when applying. Take this into consideration if you wish to increase your score to apply through this pathway.

The second option is through the labor route, through this route at the time of applying the government will NOT ask you to take an English test such as the IELTS, since the government assumes that if your employer is hiring you it is because you have the language level that is necessary to work. But I do want you to understand the language logic when applying through this route, as you must go through the job interview process, which will be conducted in English. Depending on the job position you are applying for, the level of English you will be required to have in order to be able to fulfill your duties. Keep in mind that once you have completed your work experience and wish to apply for residency (months or years depending on the province or program you are applying for) the government will require you to take an English test such as the IELTS.

The third option is by way of studies, through this way English is mandatory, since it is impossible to study in Spanish in Canada, but I want to explain some ways by which you can come to study in Canada, not having the required level of English to study in a College or University:

  • The first alternative is to come to Canada to study languages for the number of months you require to reach the necessary level and after finishing your language course you can apply to a College or University in Canada.

  • The second pathway is a Pathway, this alternative allows you to be pre-admitted to a College or University, under the condition that you study English for a number of months which will be determined by the College or University.

With all this information, we want to inform you that Immiland can make your enrollment in English courses, in College or Universities and we will be happy to manage your enrollment. If you already know the College where you want to study we invite you to fill out this form.

Do you already know your English level? We invite you to take a free test with Planeta Immiland Education.

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