7 Tips to get a Canadian job offer

1. Speaking English, French or both. In Canada it is essential to know these languages. It is important to focus 100% on studying English and/or French, based on the province you wish to immigrate to, as it is essential to have a very good level in these languages.

2. Understand the benefits that Canadian immigration law offers them. For example, in the case of Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico and Panama, there are labor agreements with Canada that will help them in their process. Likewise, there are provinces in Canada that have direct agreements with Canada to hire foreigners, such as the Atlantic program, for example. I recommend you to find out about the different agreements, either by searching on Google or watching videos on Youtube.

3. Study the different industries in Canada by provinces but don't focus 100% on one place. Do not discard the rest of the provinces. In Canada each province has an important "plus" in terms of economic activity. If you apply to a specific province that has an economy focused on what you are good at, there is a better chance of getting a job in that province. At the same time, keeping the rest of Canada in mind, it is important not to overlook the different provinces.

4. Make a good Curriculum Vitae. The CV is the first impression you give to the employer, it is very important to have a good grammar and to be concise. On the internet there are many examples of resumes for Canadian companies for free. However, if you need it, Immiland Canada offers the service of elaboration of C.V.s, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, you can find the link at the end of this blog.

5. Channel your search through an official platform. To find a serious and stable job in Canada, it is essential to use a good search engine, such as monster.com, indeed.com, jobbank.com, LinkedIn.com.

6. Patience is the key to success. It is important to take deadlines, apply as much as possible for the necessary time, the key to a successful immigration process is patience.

7. Be open to having an option B. For example, if you did not get a job after trying for a few months, it is very important to evaluate different options, such as Express Entry, but if on the other hand you see that you do not have the necessary profile, you also have the option of applying to study in Canada.

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