Why choose immiland? We give you 4 reasons.

Why choose immiland? We give you 4 reasons.Why choose immiland? We give you 4 reasons.

Immiland was born more than 5 years ago from the home computer of our CEO and IRCC Member Consultant Eddy Ramirez. It has grown exponentially over the last 2 years and has fulfilled the dream of hundreds of migrants who dreamed of living in the country of the maple leaf, were advised, and today, are in Canada fulfilling their dreams.  

Today Immiland Canada is a company formed by immigrants from more than 7 Latin American countries that achieved by different ways the dream that you intend to achieve. If you have not yet decided to choose us as the guide of your dreams, in this little blog, I will give you 4 reasons why you should choose Immiland to immigrate to Canada:

  1. Confidence: It gives you the confidence and security of knowing that your visa is being handled by professionals who are not only endorsed by the Canadian Government, but also have the necessary experience to perform your legal services correctly.
  2. Organization: Helps you to organize your dream and fulfill it, since the immigration consultation provides a detailed immigration plan based on your profile.
  3. Languages: It offers quality services in three different languages: Spanish, English and French.
  4. Immiland has it all: It accompanies you with different services even after you get your visa. Have you ever imagined how nice it would be to be accompanied to look for your first apartment? Or, to be helped to open bank or telephone accounts upon arrival?

If you want to know more about the history of our CEO, we invite you to watch the following video.

If you want to start fulfilling your dream of living in Canada, our consultants are here to help you throughout your immigration process.

This and more, Immiland has for you.

With love,


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