Canada, an excellent option to study abroad.

Considering Canada as a destination to study is of great importance, since in addition to allowing you to obtain an international diploma, it opens many professional and immigration doors.

Economic factors play a decisive role. Living costs and tuition fees at universities and colleges are much lower than in other countries with high demand for international students. Likewise, international students will have access to a work permit while studying. The benefit of studying in Canada is not only for the student, on the contrary, if the student is married or living in a common-law marriage his or her partner will be able to work and the children between 5 and 22 years old will be able to attend school for free. Finally, studying in Canada can open the door to the possibility of applying for permanent residency after completing a college or university degree.

Upon obtaining Permanent Residence, the international student will enjoy all the benefits of a Canadian (except the right to vote and to travel with a Canadian passport), including access to free health and social security, employment benefits, discounted tuition, freedom of transit to leave and enter Canada at will and finally, the possibility to apply for citizenship in the future if desired.

Not all programs of study lead to permanent residency.. That is why having the services of an immigration consultant can be essential to clarify doubts about the best educational option (from the point of view of the immigration options available in the different Canadian Provinces). In addition, a professional advice can avoid mistakes at the moment of applying for the visa, mistakes that can generate a NO as an answer even when the candidate has a profile with high migratory possibilities.

Immiland Canada has partnerships with various Colleges and also with Language Institutes where students can improve their level of English or French to later apply to Colleges. We work with educational institutions recognized by the Government of Canada and therefore students from these Institutes or Colleges will be eligible to apply for #study visas, work and later permanent residence. Immiland is a Canadian company created and managed by an immigrant, is an active member of the #ICCRC and is endorsed to represent clients before the Government of Canada. Our immigration consultants take care of the visa application process from start to finish, working hand in hand with the client to select the college or university and then apply for the respective visa, Immiland's priority is to offer a first class service and honesty to anyone interested in studying in Canada.

One of the most attractive provinces to study in Canada is #Quebec, because in addition to having some of the most important universities in the country (such as Concordia University, McGill University, etc), it offers excellent immigration programs.

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