Do you know how renting a home in Canada works? Today we want to share with you 10 curiosities of the real estate market in Canada that we are sure will make all the difference when looking for your next home. 

  1. Calendar: Most contracts start on the 1st of each month, so we recommend that you plan your arrival on that date. 
  2. Equipment included: The homes come equipped with appliances and laundry facilities. Laundry facilities may be inside the home or in the common areas of the building. 
  3. Housing categories: There are several categories of housing that we recommend according to the needs of each client and budget, among these are: basement, studio, housing with separate rooms.
  4. Real estate demand: You have to take into account the city and the demand that exists in the same one, this will allow you to know how many weeks in advance the houses of the chosen destination are available for rent. 
  5. Bathrooms: You have to consider that most homes, even if they have 3 bedrooms, will generally have only 1 bathroom.
  6. Lease term: Leases are for 12 months and sometimes landlords may ask you to pay months of rent in advance due to the lack of a credit record in Canada.
  7. Application refusals: You must know how to negotiate with the property owner, since most likely you will arrive with a temporary status and this is not so attractive to landlords. Therefore, we recommend you to be prepared for several application refusals before you get a positive response.
  8. No response: Not every ad posted on the Internet will get a response, so patience will be your best ally.
  9. Pets: If you have a pet, we recommend being as honest as possible with the owner of the property, as not all homes are pet friendly, especially in the basements.
  10. Special surprise: You will have to buy your furniture, BUT for Immiland customers we have an alliance with one of the best known furniture stores worldwide that will give you 5% discount on your purchase.

If you are very confused in the process or have not been successful with the search for your new home in Canada, we invite you to review our settlement services in the country of the maple leaf or you can write us at Settlementcanada@immilandcanada.com

We also invite you to watch this YouTube video where we talk about How to rent an apartment in Montreal?

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