Venezuelans: How to immigrate to Canada? MY BEST OPTIONS

The first point to define the best process to get to Canada is to evaluate themselves and understand elements such as:

- Age,

- Higher level of education,

- Economic capacity,

- Migratory status in the country of residence if not in Venezuela,

- If they do not know English: learn it.

Here are the options presented in the video:

1. Express Entry,

2. Labor. Using FTAs preferably,

3. Working Holiday,

4. Studies,

5. Shelter,

6. Sponsorship.

My videos related to the mentioned plans:

1. Express Entry:

2. Labor. Using FTAs preferably,







3. Working Holiday:

4. Studies:

5. Shelter:

6. Sponsorship. I owe you video.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

to help you get to the next level.

Canada through legal channels as it has to

I am a regulatory consultant to the government

Canadian So I can help you

all of you in your processes of

migration to Canada by the hand of the

immiland Canada consultants, I am going to

touch on a subject that many have told me about.

options to come in for

Canada for Venezuelans however Les

I comment an important thing that you are going to

to have this video Honestly Applies

for any citizenship then it is not

as if anyone can't do it

but in reality it is for everyone

but I have been asked for many words

Venezuelans And so I do it focusing on

you but remember that it applies

any person OK I am Venezuelan and I am a

because for me whenever I see here in

Canada Venezuelans succeeding and achieving

your dreams for me that is a success

giant and it makes me very happy so I

that you also achieve it, know that

it is not impossible in Canada there are many

Venezuelans who have achieved this and are

here triumphing And even if a little bit more

complicated I tell you why it is

possible in total are going to give you

six options or six plans But perhaps

the road I realize more and we get

more OK Because sometimes more complicated

for Venezuelan nationals to apply for a visa with

Canada the reason is because Canada has always

focuses on the socioeconomic situation

and policy to the country of the person applying the

visa So if our country is

Canada is going to get more complicated

obstacles to reach the country is

unfair it is 100% unfair because the

reality of immigration officers

and although I am not going to be like that because that's how the

Canadian politics and our work

Which is to try to cover up those

reasons for which they are usually

visas of you are denied so

Let's start with the options

number one is the least expensive option

expensive well there is nothing else one more

cheap but an option that many people

it becomes very complicated that it is the Express


There is one thing in Venezuela

extremely skilled people with

studies with diplomas master's degrees

phd diploma professionals who do not speak

English and Regrettably expresses

among a mixture of many elements

then many Venezuelans slow down

by the Express wide because it says but it is

that I do not have the points to apply them

I tell you one thing if you are in

Venezuela And you have already studied the

university and has experience what

you studied and you lack a little bit of the

language to study English and

French because a migration plan that

is called skill worker elfera El

Express entry in which or without you or

require travel to Canada to study at

work you apply through a portal of

migration shows your interest in

travel to Canada via expressentry

must have a certain solvency in its account

that I put it in this picture that is not

as high as that of studies, for example

and it has to show that you have a

advanced English level French

intermediate level of education of

preference and at least two or

three years of work experience in

Venezuela or in any country where

you find yourself AND also that you have

between 32 and 35 years old 36 years old or younger to

that you can earn the scores that you

Express entry gives that as they are quite

high Then when you get

these elements, one applies online and the

government will evaluate the profiles of

people and if all is well it will

deliver to your hands by mail

obviously an invitation to apply to

permanent residence the benefit of

this plan is that you land in

Canada as a permanent resident has been

so that you have an idea of what residency is

permanent is like the Green Card of

United States if you land in

Canada and is your home this is your country and

will have the benefits of any

except for the right to vote and the right to

passport So even though the

expressentry deserves effort in the long run

is the safest option for the

residence because the fastest if all

is well with your profile you can

to obtain residency in a matter of

six months to 8 months which is flying

first choice I give you the

Express entry I have videos about it

I'm going to link them all to this

video and I put them below also the

description of the video so that they can

see them later according to the option that

I want to bring it to you today is the way of the

work and here it is going to be several


when you travel to Canada to work there are

two ways to do it the way of

get a job offer with an lm

already positive or offer of employment with an lm

and extension nowadays there are Venezuelan

scattered all over the world by all

sides know that Canada has agreements

with five countries in the world for the FTAs

these tlc's that do remove the requirement

positive lmia and makes it easier for you to

trip won by the way of work

then if you are in Venezuela

stuck and does not know what to do with his life

and wants to leave to catch somewhere else

then maybe go to a country that has a

agreement with Canada What are Mexico

chile Peru Panama and Colombia Peru in

Panama and Colombia are covered by the FTA to

permanent residents of these countries

then if you are Colombian Peruvian

o but you are a permanent resident of

Colombia Peru Panama Venezuelan

permanent resident there know that the

tlc can be paid if between the

professions of these countries I will leave

the links of each country with each agreement

for you to listen to the professions and

know if Mexico qualifies or not and chile if it does.

ask you to become a citizen if you have

with the migratory status of our customers.

countries know that you when you get

an offer of employment in Canada if you have

with the profession or in the technical career

you can apply for a visa under the tlc you can apply for a visa

work facilitated thanks to these

countries if you can't do it for those

countries because it has no way to get the

citizenship or residence of such persons

countries can do it for one lm Ya

regular i.e. getting an employer

to hire him and make him the lm right away

positive there are options where the lm

is already provided What are they already I am going to

mention for you to search for them by

your account in which you see the lm is already

the province of Quebec and the province of

there are also the Atlantic plans

where employers do not need to

lm already when they are part of the

the atlantics then search for

areas to remove the requirement of the

lmia third option for you

Venezuelans is the working Holiday in

Venezuela There are many, many people who

are descendants of Spanish Italians

French and have dual nationality

Canada has an agreement with certain

countries in which it allows people to

of those countries with a passport from those countries.

countries apply for a visa that allows

that you travel to Canada to work for

one or two years without requiring an employer

So if you have

a passport from a European country or any other

country that is part of the working

holder and placed them all down here

know that you can aspire to achieve

a working Holiday visa for travel

to Canada the benefit of this option is

that if you travel to Canada with working

Holiday will not require an offer of

employment in order to obtain a work permit.

work is coming to Canada With permission

and within Canada as it is going to

looking for a job offer I have a

life in this regard see it and the good thing about

this option is that if you get a

job offer works get the

Canadian experience will be able to

to obtain later the residency

permanent thanks to this experience that

accumulated with the working Holiday then

check if you have any type of connection

with a grandfather a Spanish uncle one thing

to take out your papers and be able to take out

your passport and enter Canada through the

working holding another option which is the

The fourth is the most typical one, the one that all the

world knows what the studies are I have

many customers inside and outside

Venezuela who wish to travel to Canada for

the educational pathway the educational life here

a parenthesis is placed It is dangerous

because it is the option that most

rejection possibilities have for

Venezuelans Why Because that's the way it is

immigration part in Canada when it does not

apply for a good study visa in Canada

and one has a Venezuelan passport

be very careful with the

first of all, of course, the following elements

financial solvency to travel to Canada

by the way of know it is expensive

we are talking about solvency between

25,000 to 35,000 for a single person

cinema with family can be 40 45 50 thousand

dollars would be the first element is the

solvency that is expensive if you count

with the funds we are going to see how well they take root

because not only the money to travel

to Canada through the El

officer will check that you have

reasons of respecting its temporality the

study visa you need to know

you have to evaluate yourself here Ok what

I have to tie myself to Venezuela I have

a stable job I have a property

a movable or immovable property Eddy and migrate

I am in Chile in Peru in Colombia

then it is necessary to see first of all its

immigration status if you are in a

country that is not Venezuela and wants to ask

a student or work visa in

Canada needs to be legal in that country.

country if you are on paper you cannot

apply for a temporary visa with Canada

now if you are in the process of

papers I always recommend the visa

Canadian when you have the residency

country in which you are located or

is in the process of permanent residency

why because it improves rooting El

officer is going to realize that you

has a life in a country other than

Venezuela and has a residence in

and this is obviously going to be a permanent

improve your chances of approval

for a student visa, always remember to

important studies that you respect

your logical thread what you did before

Eddy I was an architect in Venezuela but

i want you to be a plumber you have to

understand why and explain to Canada

because an architect wants to become

plumber you as a lawyer and that you will be

chef if you want to change your future

The educational program in Canada can be applied to

dangerous if I recommend you

always respecting the thread of your studies

in Milan and Milan we have a department of

studies focused 100% on helping them to

get you where to study

register them and deliver them to you on your

letter of acceptance that service does not have

no cost and can be purchased

by sending an email to educa

for my team to take care of

help them register for college and

get your letter of acceptance for

applying for a visa with Canada of


remember studies money and very deep-rooted


next option number 5 Refugio

many have asked me about the shelter

for Venezuelans and there are people who

think that because in Venezuela there is a

there is no horrible humanitarian crisis

no food no light no water Ya esto es

a reason to seek refuge in Canada

I have to tell them not to Remember that

to be able to order important shelters

fit into the reasons for refuge

recognized and these What are your

life is in danger of death or torture

because you belong to some

social party As for example by

reasons of race as well as for reasons of

nationality or religion belongs to a

social or political party and that you

have the ability to demonstrate that you are

individualization of this great

group and that their lives are in danger because of

belong to

if you can prove you belong to that

group that their lives are in danger because of

being Venezuelan for example you are

being tortured in the country where you are

Because you are Venezuelan and

you are being focused on that

as perhaps you can apply the case of

Shelter is quite complicated Les

I recommend Search before applying to

this option helps with a consultant or a

lawyer focused on this eliminates no

we do Shelter cases so by

please seek help with a person

focus on this and study well what

you qualify to apply for

this option also knows that since

a few months in Canada can be ordered

border refuge as it was done in the past.

before people walked from the U.S. to the U.S.

United and to take refuge at the border

that's over and closed now They have to

arrive in Canada and at the airport in

Canada or entry to Canada as

working tourists or students and

within Canada there is Shelter So

beware of the shelter please evaluate

that it is the right choice for you to

don't get into a plan that is not and then

denied them And finally number 6

option number 6 you have

to travel to Canada is through

marriage if you get a

Canadian or a Canadian and falls in love

wholeheartedly with all your

life and you want to spend the rest of your

your life with your partner in Canada and you

and his or her partner, therefore, wishes to live here

decide to do sponsorship you can

apply for permanent residency either

because they have lived together for 12 months no

because they are long-distance sweethearts but

because they have lived next to the same place

for 12 months is called as

relationship or because they are

married So when you show

that the relationship is genuine and that you

a couple have really seen each other have seen each other have really seen each other have really seen each other have really seen each other have really seen each other have

lived together are married which makes

the Canadian the Canadian or the

permanent resident of Canada eye who

can be the sponsor in Canada can be

a Canadian a Canadian or a

permanent resident may also be

you have an enchanted partner

permanent resident as the couple

can also provide residency in that

sense it is necessary to demonstrate that they want to

living together in Canada and not in the United States.

funds must be demonstrated when

also sponsor the couple if you

if you have a separate child and wish to

that your child also travels to Canada with

you there if the partner has to

demonstrate solvency to cover the

expenses of the child and, in addition to this, the child's

well, my dependents

I am in Venezuela and I have a boyfriend

Canadian in my house with him but I have

three children If my Canadian

generous enough to take me

me and my three children to the application.

which is great because the family

whole travels to Canada Then by means of

of sponsorship Remember that the

benefit is to come to Canada as a

permanent residents very similar to the

Express between then and now we have just

see six options repeat Express

entry that requires a lot of preparation

have excellent job profiles in the

work experience what you studied

University diploma studies or

master level of English and French well

high that it expresses to him between benefit

Canada arrives as a resident the second

option is the job to get a

Canadian employer who wants you

hiring there is a way to make it easier

what they are if you live in a country of

permanent residence as Colombia Peru

and Panama can apply for the exception

of the lmia or whether you are Chilean or Mexican

can also be applied by exception

but citizens of these countries

or if you can't for this option then you have

to look for a Canadian employer that

contracting it with a positive lma I gave them

two tips the Quebec tip provided and the

Atlantic third option that exists in

the table is the working Holiday if you

has a European passport or a passport from any country

with working Holiday is the age that

is part of the working Holiday plan

find out why you can travel to Canada

with an open work permit without

need to have an employer who will

and gain experience for the

permanent residence fourth option

study if I am traveling on the

studies and I can already look for where

study, register him or her and give him or her a letter

acceptance at no cost but it is

important that you first assess whether you

has the funds required for its

city in Canada We have already seen that the funds

are high and also if you have

rootedness to the country you live in

to demonstrate and the visa has less

chances of being denied because the

studies is the most denied in Canada

fifth we talked about the Refuge

Remember the simple fact of being

Venezuelan does not apply for Refugio hay

to have a reason that is within

those I explained in order to be able to order

shelter and the sixth that you fall in love with

a Canadian and get married OR live together

two together for 12 months so that they can

sponsor to travel to Canada Then

are six options honestly isn't

that apply anything for people from

Venezuela apply to any of the following

nationality Honestly, because that's where the

you focus on it because I have been

I have ordered a lot and I want them to arrive

to Canada if you are a different country and

want me to make a video for you

please enter your information and your

flag to do so For more

information, please send us an inquiry

you are welcome to send an email to

at info@milan at your service

in all your process be well bye bye

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