I can't get a job after graduation and I'm running out of time in Canada - Advice

This is one of the worst things that can happen and this video explains how to avoid it and what to do if it does happen.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and all to help them to

you to arrive in Canada because of the

legal as it has to be today we are going to

talk about a topic a little bit like

complicated that we do not want to happen to us

but it can happen and I'm going to

teach them how to prevent it from happening to us And if

What to do to amend the

situation yes And this is What if I

I go to Canada to study and finish my

no one posgraduation classes and begins to

I am looking for a job and I realize that my

posgraduation time Word permitt se

I'm running out and I haven't been able to

to obtain the experience required to

apply for permanent residence

So let's evaluate What to do to

that it does not happen like the roads of


and some solution that is very few

people evaluate But that it is the most

Honestly, it is the only one

what's there then Let's start Well in

actually there are several but focus on one

important the first thing they have

to know is to avoid anything that

this happens and the important thing is that you

When they come to Canada to study, they have

to know that every province in Canada

where you are studying offers a training plan for

permanent residence by nomination

provincial is the first way to

to obtain permanent residency is

knocking on the door of getting the

residence because the province

each province offers as a

different combo So evaluate that combo

well to know which one they have

to follow for the residency and if you do not

can be there because of the Federal plan that

is Kennedy experience now period

important that not many people

is also that the partner of the

student while the student is

by studying the couple to achieve the

experience required to apply the

permanent residence this

let's imagine that I go to the province

from quebecca to study and I go with my

partner while I study my career

University or College my partner is

focuses on achieving 24 months of

experience while I study with my

partner gets the experience

permanent residency applies for the

Quebec plan by csq he gets the

residence the application includes me

in the plan AND we apply together to the

residence then as the couple

advance the process as intelligently as possible

in the event that the couple fails to

to move the process forward because it is unable to

work for some reason after

graduate the student starts with the

process So it's like a work in progress.

equipment that is made to match if the partner

together apply for residency if

the partner does not succeed the student

then apply alone

now what happens here let's say we go

to the negative side let's imagine

that I graduated in the province of

Quebec good Ontario wherever to get

and when the time comes to apply

permanent residency I realize

I'm running out of time and I don't

I get the work experience because

I can't get the job I'm hired for

Remember that the province must be seen

British Columbia are provinces

who manage the residency plan

most of the plans is for a permanent

get a job in what you studied

in which one has experience

professional or technical and if one does not

gets work in these areas has

than looking for work in in-demand areas

in the province to make them jobs

unqualified these are the celebrities

noxod o tir four or five but what's up

if I don't get the job or the

professional or technical either in a

tiger in demand

So how am I going to stay in the

province How to obtain residency

permanent escape plans first

Remember that the postgraduate Edition Word

permit one receives a work permit

after graduation is a permit for

Federal work this implies that I

I can use it to work where I

I wanted to in Canada did not tie my

province in which I studied if

you can take your postgraduation

Word but look In case you don't

experience the residency experience in

the province they are in and move

a province where it is easier to

to obtain permanent residency by

example provinces such as manitoba Prince

Eduard Island promptly enters up to

saskatchewan for example are provinces

that if one works in a non-code job

o tir four two five that are not in

the list of errands but

Honestly it can be a noxious job


entry level and works there certain

number of months for example can be

12 months manitoba for example when one

moving province is 12 months

works there for 12 months in the province and

experience in whatever it is and a

permanent offer that experience is going to me

to help obtain residency

permanent then in the event that

you see that in the province in the

who are unable to secure a job

that they can change their residence

province in time to take out the account

How many months of graduate school do you have left?

Edition Word permitt Y modense before

the time to fall and do not get the

experience required during your stay in

Canada second option that we can

evaluate is that we say

let's say I'm Ontario and I take out the

career plan residency

Express Class and for that I require 12

months of experience but I have nothing left

plus eight months of postgraduate Edition World

permit and I can't get the 12 months

how do I do for example I graduated from a

one-year degree and my post-graduate degree Edition

World deserves a year but it took me three years.

months to get a job.

months I will not be able to get a residency

in this case, it is necessary to evaluate whether your profile

to apply for a tlc and to apply for

a work permit provided by

through a tlc that your employer will give you

a closed work permit with a

job offer or else listen to me very carefully.

well if the solution is to change for a

work permit closed and you are not

are an FTA country, they have to get to work.

study French because in the event that

you get this boss who will

wants to hire or is the same company

working but the times are not going to

the residence what we do as we are

a French level clb five and we apply

we ask for a closed work permit

with the exception of lmi thanks to the clb

5 then remember I'm out of time

does not get permanent residency what

I do via one which is as the most drastic one.

is to change the province of a province

in which he gets a job in

anything and it is the job me

allow to take out the residence or via number

two is whether the boss that I'm on

working is happy with my work

and wants me to stay because we are worth the

option to obtain a permit from

work closed either by a lm and

accession thanks to a free trade agreement between Canada

and a country with a tlc agreement or thank you

to French clb5 which removes the

lm requirement

there are many people who remain

the months go by and the months go by and by

the times do not realize that the

months they are spending their

work It's going to end as reanudation

Word permit and remain in this Limbo

and in the end they do not manage to get the

permanent residence.

please ask that

be careful, be cautious and over

all be very well prepared for that

type of things do not happen to you in your process.

of permanent residence in Canada for

any information to schedule a

consultation or any Milan service

you can send us an email to info at

and Milano canada.com I hope this one has them

helped Chau

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