HEALTH in Canada in crisis - 2 years of waiting for a very simple operation

I hope this reality is just mine and millions of others but not yours. When we immigrate and leave everything in our countries we must be aware of the challenges that this process will bring in our lives. In Canada we live in peace, in security, in harmony, but undoubtedly the health issue has a lot of room for improvement and it is certainly something we should consider.

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we were forced to travel to France to

operate it because the condition of his

was declining sharply, and apart from its

ability to speak was well

reduced, i.e. at two years of age, he did not

was not talking and that's not normal Hello hello

Good morning to all of you Welcome to a

new video Welcome to my channel as

you know my name is Ed Ramirez and I'm

I am a regular government consultant

Canadian to help you to

arrive in Canada today I'm going to make you a

video not as a consultant but as a mother

immigrant and person to whom the system

Canadian health care system failed him and I want to

to tell you in the update of what we

happened with my son eh I don't know if you

but a few months ago, I told you about the

that my son was suffering from

problems in his ears and nose, and

he did not as we had not achieved the

the possibility of being operated on in Canada and

we were considering going to another country to

and it turns out that we saw each other

forced to travel to France for surgery

because his condition was

very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very

and its ability to provide a high level of

talking was being reduced i.e.

at the age of two he did not speak and that did not

is normal Then my husband is French

and therefore the support of him and his family

we were able to travel to France and he was

operated in France and I want to tell you

you this because it may be that your

reality in medical Canada is different and I

I hope and pray to life that the

your reality is different from your own.

but I want to tell you

who are people who are going to travel to

Canada to emigrate a possibility that

you can face because it is very

possible for you to have a reality

like mine in which the medical system

not serve you or your family, and

you are forced to return to

country of origin to get there the

medical treatment you are looking for

my son is currently 2 months old

is one year and 2 months, not 3 months and it turns out to be

that since he was born at 3 months old

began to get sick with otitis otitis otitis otitis

otitis otitis otitis otitis once a month otitis and

sieme was sick with otitis otitis cough to the point

That obviously we were always going to the doctor

to have it checked but it turns out that

here in Canada or in Montreal When a

child does not have a Chronic condition

99% of the cases will be attended by a

family physician or a physician

general practitioner and not by a pediatrician because

pediatricians are reserved for

children with special needs

it turns out that since my baby wasn't

listed as a very chronic problem

because we had a different doctor for each patient.

time we would go to the hospital and there was no

as a constant control with a

person who knew that every month my son

I was sick every time I went to the

doctor because I was telling him Look, my son is still

sick is still sick they did tests

checked some things other things

but they never gave what it was obviously

because I didn't know what to do, I searched in

internet I didn't quite understand what I was

and no doctor would give me

as a clear answer when my baby

turned 18 months old that was in January

this year not in December of this year he

became terribly ill, i.e. his coughing and

its condition in peo too much to the point

who woke up at night coughing

vomiting in the coughing Here is a

audio he could not breathe was a

situation quite

[Music] [Music

We went to the hospital and in the

hospital Well, we were told that Dr.

said he was allergic to the dogs that

my dog out of the house.



syes on enl les animau

on sinon peut voir spécial

allerg pas MC de

famille demande Qui fa Au Mo

Well, I was in shock because I said

I have been begging for 18 months for you to

send a specialist to determine

what my child has no

doctor has referred me to a specialist

Send me and the doctor to the hospital.

I said to myself, "I can't refer to a

specialist finally refused to do so

In the end I had to give up a little bit of the

Canadian action and become like a Canadian

I lost a little bit of my feelings about the

and I demanded that he give me a

referral for a specialist in

an orl

otolaryngologist, many of you have

said by messages that asks that a

an otolaryngologist and separately an allergist on

I was able to get the TR appointment

months Later I went to the appointment with the

doctor not two months later sorry I went to

appointment with the otolaryngologist and the otolaryngologist me

said that my son did not hear that he

lived inside a swimming pool that

had to be operated on and here it comes

the crazy thing I said Well let's

operate it perfect I already have the reference

for the operation when they saw the

reference for the operation I find out

that the operation had to wait

24 months because it is the waiting time

to have surgery in Canada my son required

two operations the ventilation pipes

to take out what I had in the nar in the

always retained ear are the tubes

microscopic particles that it puts inside the ear and

removing the adenoids those operations

I found out that they make them in a public place

that there is a private site that does nothing

plus the one with the ears I contacted the site

private to see if I could do it but

the doctor told me Well, but if he

also has to have adenoid surgery

it does not make much sense to make his ears

because it is connected and it is necessary to

adenoids but in Canada the adenoids are

adenoid operations are

exclusively possible only by

in public hospitals and it was

as that circle of what I do is going to

ask but Ed can't

have adenoid surgery on the adenoids in

a private clinic The answer is that

there are no private clinics in Canada

for this type of intervention

major interventions are being

reserved for public hospitals and the

waiting list is 12 months 18 months

2 years I started to wait and at the same time

time once a month and he was still sick

antibiotics once a month I said no

I can continue to give my child

antibiotics as if it were water I

I can't go on like this the child did not speak

I couldn't hear you had to shout all the time.

day for me to listen to her and I was already

Honestly with my desperate husband

here at that time we said that it was in

July he became seriously ill called the

hospital again called believe me that

once a week and there is no need to wait

we have to wait we have to wait we have to wait we have to wait we have to wait we have to wait

wait I said I can't anymore I can't

this is impossible this is unheard of and

We contacted a hospital in France and

we traveled to France and the

August 1st was the date with the

doctor in France who examined him and saw

that indeed my son had

lost, i.e. it had no more than 40%.

of the hearing ability, i.e. he was

60 for deaf and the doctor said no

I understand how it is that you live in

can Canada and his son has not undergone surgery.

this is emergency And I told him so I

I don't understand either and the doctor in France

he said he has to be operated on for another week

late my son was in France in Paris

in an operating room being operated on for the

ear tubes and adenoids I

I tell this story and I swear

I think it's a lie I tell it and

I mean, it can't be, I mean it can't be.

be that in a country like Canada this

happen and you are going to tell me but what

you do in Canada because you don't move that

you are ungrateful Tell me what you

want me to see in Canada because this is

my country my children are Canadian Here

I have made my life I immigrated to Canada

10 years ago and even though health is the most important thing

important in life For it is also

important to live in safety and

and this is offered by Canada and

as an immigrant you trade one thing for another

the other my son was operated on a month ago.

in France in one week he got the

operation That in Canada we continue to

waiting because I have called to be

the waiting list and do not

answer so follow the list of

wait and see when they call me

for the operation Which will perhaps be in

one year in France he is not French

he is not yet French he is

Canadian and underwent surgery for a week on

operation in France cost me

700 in Canada the operation of only

ears that, as I told you, the only one

that can be realized in a single entity

private not that of the nose the nose is not

can pay is nothing wrong with the ears.

ears cost nothing more

$4,000 for the ear operation and those

$4,000 did not include the nose and were not going to

and in France nose and ears to cure it and in France nose and ears to

a foreign person cost me 700 eur

plus some extra expenses in total

we spent approximately 1,000 on the

operation I think this is something that

you have to count it you have to

thank goodness my son is already

well he's already amazing in a week so

the operation began to speak, I began to talk about it.

I call and tell him baby so Suavecito and he

baby responds as if he himself were

amazed that he listens AND that he can

whispering and listening ya é habla da da da

puts phrases puts different words

together has greatly improved the

pronunciation and the evolution can be seen in a

month as I had never seen it before.

that I recommend to you my dear

followers that when you travel to

Canada know that this can happen I pray

to prevent this from happening to them, keep their

insurance in their countries in case they have to

back to anything that can be operated on

or make any intervention of

emergency or have your monthly checkup

in their country of origin always maintain

a savings fund have a savings account

open bank where you put per month

50 $100 there so that if you have

someday traveling to get one

operation a medical examination to have your

small savings account in order to be able to

I hope they do not have to cover medical expenses.

I hope it happened to you, I hope it happened to me.

I don't want it to happen again But if I already know

that if I feel bad about something, I will

I am coming from Canada to take the exams

out because health comes first

the Canadian waiting list So

I wish Canada would do better because this is a

thing that is counted and is not believed that

be well bye bye bye

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