How to become a resident in Ontario by studying for 1 year? Law changes in 2024

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It is important to be well informed BEFORE making decisions that may be the most important of our lives.

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the government of the province of Ontario

opened 2024 saying careers of

one-year studies may be eligible

for you to aspire to apply to the

permanent residence Hello Hello Hello Very

Good morning everyone Welcome to a

new video Welcome to my channel as

you know my name is edit Ramirez

and my goal is to help you to

to Canada through legal channels such as

it has to be because I am a consultant

regulation before the Government of Canada today Les

I bring a super cool news that

I'm sure you've seen them around but I want to

that we evaluate the news but understand

the consequences or repercussions that

it may take for you to be able to

decide whether this plan is the one you

and so from that point of view, they want to use

to make a conscious and informed decision to

especially responsible a few weeks ago

Well actually a few days ago the

government in the province of Ontario

opened 2024 by stating that races of

one-year studies, i.e. if you are going to

to a College in Ontario or even to a

university and its program has a

duration of one year Thus the program does not

ask for previous studies to be admitted

that one-year program can be

eligible for you to apply

to permanent residency What do you want

This means that they do not have to study 2

years or 3 years to achieve the

permanent residence by nomination

provincial when you see this ad in

internet one already says Canada is the country

I'm going to study a year of College or

university and then apply to the

permanent residence is the logical thing to do, but

here obviously that big news has

its small letters that one does not read

a lot Because one is not in this

world of law But I am like this

I want to tell you about the

consequences that this has for

you define your plan well remember

one thing when you go to the province of

Ontario to study a College for

example studies of a College no

master's degree a college or university a

and that program has a

duration of one year does not mean that

me automatically after I have

I graduated I will apply for residency

permanent no no no no that study of a

year has to be mixed with experience

or with an offer of employment

That's why I want us to be worth two things One

provincial nomination the province of

Ontario if I apply and qualify I will be

as a permanent resident and two

that aedan experience Class in case of

that I did not achieve residency by the

provincial plan I always have the plan

Federal difference between one and the other

the Ontario government is doing this

change of one year of experience

for more people to apply the

residence by provincial nomination by

what Because when one applies the

residence by provincial nomination one

is kind of compromising with the

province to stay and live there

then if one gets the residency

by provincial nomination the government

Ontario knows you're going to pay

taxes and that he is going to stay and live

there while by Express entry

caned experience Class is the most

long term and one has to get 12

months of work experience But

can therefore be freer in terms of

live anywhere in Canada

we are going to study both in order to

understand why this year-long study

can be a little bit dangerous to my

eyes when one wants to apply the

residence by provincial nomination on

student graduates apply for postgraduate degree

work permit and must apply for employment

you should get a job offer now

that the nomination residency plan

provincial is called International

student with offer of employment

Then the graduating student seeks

a job offer in What is employment

the job is a professional position or

technical i.e. tier 0 1 2 or 3 or the nox

0 a or B I.e. office work

professionals or technicians second the

employment offer must be permanent in

a company that hires you hires you

one with no completion date and separate

that offer of employment must be in a

position that the company requires for

keep in operation

then the offer is permanent and separate

of that the company that hires you

must be located in the province

of Ontario in addition to this if the company

is in the city of Toronto has to

annual sales of one million euros.

dollars and have five other employees

Canadians or permanent residents if

the company is located outside the city of

Toronto But within Ontario you must

500,000 per year and to have at least

three Canadian employees or residents

in addition to that, the company

has to give you as a backup to one

to be able to apply í is how they are given

account here is not that easy anymore

you study for a year and then what if

after I graduate and I am looking for this offer of

If I get it, I can aspire to the

permanent residence but there are more

readability elements for this plan

please see the following link

I leave below, since the link is

the entire residency plan for

Ontario provincial nomination now

let's imagine something

let's imagine that we get the profile

the offer of employment we apply this

process works with points and

government of late, the Ontario government has

made in 2023 is that it selected or gave

priority to people who are studying abroad.

items such as items in health items in health items in

technology and trades that are as in

construction carpentry works

manuals then if you are not going to

study these three careers I would like to

I recommend that you study at least 2s.

years because the chances of

to obtain permanent residency by

study a year of business under

Ontario's provincial nomination is

quite complicated, let's imagine

that you do not qualify for nomination

provincial quiet is not the end of the world

one can apply for residency

permanent by the Federal candidacy plan

experience Class but here one needs

work 12 months, i.e. accumulate

experience for one year after

graduation what is the problem Si Ed

I am studying for a one-year degree in Canada

the new law change that Hub in

Ontario when I graduate that program

i am applying for a post graduation work permit

And if you study in Canada for less than 2 years, you can study in Canada for less than 2 years.

years the post graduation work permit is

a mirror of what one studies in

time wise so your post

graduation work permit is going to cost

a year then if you have a

post ration work permit for one year and in

that year You have to get one year of

work experience Means that

you can't waste time after

graduation because you will have a year to

experience and in the

practice this is extremely

dangerous then here comes my advice

not because I am negative I am not negative

I am preventive I prevent the

things go wrong, don't start saying that you are

is that I make everything difficult, blah blah blah blah.

I do it so that you do not have a

failure in your migration plan my advice

Which is to disregard that

news because studying in the province

of Ontario a year-long career for me

is if one eye if one goes to the province

of Ontario single or if one goes with a partner

but the couple does not have a profile

attractive to get an offer of

employment for the couple to advance the

permanent residency plan I think

to apply for Ontario for one year of

studies is quite sensitive and quite sensitive and

for me it can be a very bad idea without

However, here I explain everything you have to know about the

links below so that you can

do your research and decide whether or not the

year plan is the right one because my

eyes is not Unless your profile is

super top and we no longer care about

the other things and so let's go away with the

risk if you wish then

evaluate which educational option is best suited to

more for you and what educational plan the

that you should study or what

educational options are available in Canada can

No cost is totally free of charge

by completing the form at

the link below for you and milá les

send to you by mail different

study options and if you wish

we will take care of your registration

you are welcome to apply

in the link that I put below, you will find there

receive educational options by mail

based on their educational profile for

that you maintain your logical thread of

their studies and they are looking to Canada to make a

career that fits your profile Thus

that with great pleasure and a thousand spears

is responsible for registering them with your College or

university in Canada, I hope to be able to

help and that this video has been very

well be well bye bye bye

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