RESIDENCY for FRIENDS in CANADA? Skilled Worker Overseas

Learn all the official information about the Skilled Worker Overseas(SWO) program.


Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel my name and I am a consultant

Canadian government regulator and my

I work to help you to

to Canada hand in hand with my

Milan consulting firms we are here to

serve you then a consultation

until your visa has been applied for and

many more services today I am going to

to bring you a program that is quite

attractive that breaks away from many

standards of those you know

Canadian immigration This program is

called skilled worker overseas and is

focused 100% on the province of Manitoba and

what makes it so unique and exceptional

This is because this program has an element

of adaptability linked to linkages

redundancy that you have

with the province and that these links will

to give you points to get

permanent residence and these links

How they are obtained OR what they give or

what is the right thing to do Well if

you lived manitoba

studied manitoba or worked manitoba or

you have a Manitoba acquaintance either

a close or distant relative or friend

that close relative or friend or the

distant relative can give you a

kind of invitation for you to

earn points in your residency process

and apply for permanent residency for

provincial nomination in this video

I will tell the whole process however

the program is a little long I can't

cover everything so I invite you to

read the information in the

link below so that they can be your

own search and make their own decisions

we started with the process I have here my

tablet so that we can understand each other

The most important aspect of this plan is that

you have to rely on the support of

a person living in manitoba

and is willing to give you that support

How is the most to get good

the support has to be delivered by

a person you know who is

Close Family or distant Family or distant and Family or

a friend that person must have

lived in Manitoba for at least one year, or

be a permanent resident or citizen

Canadian and passed that person brings

another person Canada has to have that

person brought to Canada must have

very well established in the province

in addition to this it is important to consider

who can be a support can be a

brother or sister a nephew a niece a

uncle an aunt a cousin mom dad grandmother or

grandfather So this is important something

important thing to realize here is that

children cannot give this support

parents if you have your children in

Canada Unfortunately it does not count here

for you but friends yes a little

stranger I know

in addition to this something you have to

also take into account is that if you

lived in manitoba in the past with a

valid work visa and you work

of manitoba for at least six months that

will also give you points in

process and we will see how many points

after this it is important to take into account

that this employer has to

could not have been full time It could not have been

part time if you, on the other hand

traveled manitoba and you studied

hermanitowa will also earn points

What type of studies between one

and two years Between more time already you

studied best In what type of studies

can be universities or colleges

So I can't see this as a course of

English courses are not valid

no languages or languages are not valid nothing

more College or university in addition to this

we have to take into account the following

this process functions as a large

calculator then it is nothing more than a

what's up I have a friend in manitoba

way over there

I have a friend and a cousin over there who has a

take it there no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

you will be served by this plan have to

to have a certain criteria that is

with certain points and those points are

points function as the Express entry

then there are two elements

your profile as a human being

and its connection to manitoba that joins and

you have to look for Get to the

at least 60 points to be able to apply

how we get them by the

adaptability manitoba is going to get

maximum 25 So with the rest You have to

get 35 points now those 35 points

will depend on factors such as

example languages

first and second language first language

English Can be and English as a second language

French or vice versa for the first one.

language the highest score going to

is 20 points if it achieves a

clb 8 on iOS or selfie there to the general and

for the second language you get a clb

5 is going to get five points the age of

18 years of age begins to earn points will

have four points for 18 and the score

The highest number is between the ages of 21 and 46 years 45

years, equivalent to 10 points

work experience in your country of origin

origin if it has four years of

experience will already earn 15 points

education, the higher their level of

best master's degree or phd at 25 points

here means that in order for you to

demonstrate those studies required to do so

by means of an eca educational creation

which is the comparison of their studies

to demonstrate to Canada that you

has a master's degree pH of

degree or whatever you want to

take into account here you are going to

these points will be added up and that will

total will then be added to the factors

of adaptability, which is its connection to

manitoba if you get 60 points

now you can apply and wait to see

if the province gives you residency

permanent by provincial nomination

this means that if you have the

profiles the personal part that the

The government is looking for more

connections with manitoba or have

worked in manitoba is going to give you points

what score do the connections give if you

the relatives or a close family member

manitoba will receive 20 points from


if you for example got a

invitation to apply for residency 20

points if you have previous experience

manitoba of at least six months of

work 12 points if you study AND

had a two-year career are going to win

12 points is a year-long career is going to

earn 10 points or if you have a family member

far away or a friend will earn 10 points.

for a maximum total of 25 points of the


this option is a super good option for

people who might travel manitoba

get an experience for some

circumstance should not get the 12

months of experience for the residency

and they had to return to their country of origin

or students who were left without

prostrate Edition Word permit and returning

to their country of origin without doing things

well or people who have never been in

Canada but have family members in

Canada with good profiles and have

family members in manitoba specifically

believe me, this option can lead you to

to Canada 100% I leave the links here

below to please make your

and soak up this new knowledge and

process that for me is a great option

I send a kiss to all of you and I wish you all the best

well until next time bye bye bye

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