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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel My name is Eddy Ramírez and I am

I am a government regulatory consultant

Canadian and my job is to bring them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it has to be the command

my similar consultants we are here

to serve you for a consultation

to applications from Switzerland and the United States.

all the services that Milan has to offer

I'm going to offer you today a very interesting topic.

cool that it is focused on those

entrepreneurs people who do not want to

to work for anyone in Canada and that they

the idea of being an employee of a company is boring.

Canada study but I don't want to be

employee Here we go on that topic is a

subject called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called a plan called

graduate interpreter Stream graduate

enter Stream of the province of Alberta

That's right And this program I'm going to take it out

directly from my tablet to have a

legal support for what I am saying

and the information I am saying in

this one at this moment is all

backed by a link below to this video

for you to please go and read it

and draw your own conclusions if this

program there is more suitable for you

if you are not a student who has

College graduate

Alberta this plan does not apply to you or

that this is only for people who are

with a post-graduate Edition Word permit

living in Alberta because they have studied

in a college university Then


What's going on here is that the government wants the

person who decides to graduate from a

college and start a business I have a

idea to start a business that is

innovative and economically beneficial

for Alberta to have new ideas that

goods or services and that it is a

business that is focused on generating

profit if you Create an organization

non-profit does not count


There are certain elements of eligibility


and the elements are as follows

education first, it is important that

you have graduated

dears or full time education in a

College or university in Alberta that


post-secondary institution course of

English are of no use and must have been

at least a two-year career if

you studied less than two years you cannot

apply to this migration plan in addition to

of this you have to count in the

hand with a post graduation Word permit

a valid work permit valid at the time of

100%, it cannot be with the permission of

work study It has to be after

graduate with a work permit in the

hand that is why it is so important that you

studied at a college or university

that ultimately generate postgraduate Edition

Word permit

in addition to this it is important to demonstrate

a good level of English or French

How to demonstrate that a test of

English iOS or selfied there is the general

selfie for English and if French

is the tef or the tcf the score useful?

required is a general clb7 of the

have generated the clb7 and in addition to this

establish the business which is not

must be the owner of at least

at least 34% of the company if you are

owner of less is no longer useful to establish

and New business orbidden exist

business in Alberta unit

interesting this point may be a

business that you establish and create or a

business you buy in the province

of Alberta now how this works


the system will provide you with a series of

of points that will also take into

experience as well as the experience of

work if you have experience of

work is going to have a better chance of

increase the experience of

work It has to be at least six

months that can be working on your

own company or outside you have to bring in

an economic benefit to the province

because you are creating jobs or

jobs are

investing in the economic sector is

perhaps focused on the external part of

Alberto the great city the provinces

of the remote cities of Albert the Great

Rurales you invested a large amount

and the government is going to talk about

all these points to give you

increased elements of positive results

age must be between 21 and 49 years old if

you are over 49 and cannot apply to

this plan

And if you are in the province of

Alberta with her partner her partner can

have at least one year of experience

or have studied at the

province for at least two years and I give you a

level of English or French of clb-5 This

is worth extra points to you And if you

has a family or relative in

Alberta who can be a daddy

stepfather stepmother stepmother stepchild son stepson

sister or brother will also win

extra points here in this process are

a candidate pool for what it is

the Express entry and you basically go

to upload all this information as your

previous studies your experience of

work all the information about your

educational work history both in their

country of origin as in Canada in Alberta

plus the elements related to the

that indicates the work and the government will

to fence off all its points to give it a

maximum of 125 points and this is where the

government is going to establish the rounds of

selection and will choose by nomination

provincial to the people you are going to take out

permanent residency then if

you are an entreplanor a person who

love business and you love us

wants to under no circumstances

work for anyone in Canada but you

wants to travel to Canada and is unable to

job AND you want to create your own

company or purchase a company after

graduate this Alberta plan can be

for you a very good option because

I repeat, you do not need experience as

employed in Canada after his

graduation to obtain residency

please read the following

more in detail This program see the link

below and if you have any doubts and

want emilan to do their process with

I would like to send you an e-mail to this address

shown below info Arroyo de

Milano and Remember that at

Milan we have agreements with colleges and

universities throughout the country and

sure we can look for them where to study

and review it at college at no extra cost

by sending us an email to education at

and milá many thanks to all of you

I hope you enjoyed this video

served a lot bye bye bye

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