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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and my job is to help them to

you to get to Canada by way of the

legal as it has to be since I am

regulatory consultant the government in

Canadian today I want us to read about

of a province that many people in

Canada we love Prince Province

Eduard Island the prince's island

Eduard this Island is an island that forms

part of the Atlantic and is well known for its

in Canada and many students

focus on it to study remember

important points when you are not traveling

to Canada study has to understand the

migration plan, which is the one we are going to

talk today I am going to show you how to

to obtain permanent residency by

the provincial and federal plan and

You also need to understand whether

this province offers you the

educational option that you like and

that they can also grow economically

because the province gives you the

opportunities Let's start with the

introductory that is going to be where

study and if the province is good for

you first where to study today I am going to

to offer you a university that

I had the opportunity to have it called

the University of Prince Island in a

incredible university that has a

impressive campus with prices

quite affordable for a

university if one thinks it can be

more expensive with college and not actually Y

the good news is that nimmilan

we have a partnership with them

with planet and Milan education if you

study with immigrant or planet and

Milan English in order to be able to make a

passwell to gain admission to

to this University and do not have to

worrying about the language test

but they study it with planet and Milan

the information in the description about

of this option now the province of

Prince is well known in Canada because

is the center of Canada's food

a lot of the food we consume in the

Canada comes from that island for example the

province is very strong economically

in sectors such as agriculture, the agricultural

seafood is a super super strong

in fact the island of Prince eduardland

has a

we have a reputation that the

best oysters in the world come from there

because they are too rich is also

very strong on the iOS side



Ocean Tech and the marine part of the

The number of ships produced there is enormous.

maritime force that has princess

Island renewable and clean energy and

tourism then these areas are the

areas that make up Princess Island

tourism renewable energy renewable energy

ocean and marine manufacturing

bioscience in space sifood and

agriculture seven industry areas

very strong

apart from this, the cost of living in

principle Island tends to be lower

than in the rest of Canada, however, the

part of getting a stay can be a

little complicated So with time

Be prepared to look for a place to live and do not

please leave it to the last moment

now let's get to the point I'm going to Alan a

study the good news is that Prince

Eduard Island has a plan to

permanent residence focused

for students only

this plan is called

International graduate program which is

provincial nomination of Prince Eduard

in this plan, the province gives

as a VIP space for students

international students who have studied an

College or a university in a

public institution the province of

Prince Edward Island then here the

basic benefit that carries the best that

has that province is that they accept

that the international student is

graduate and get a job offer and

starts working in any field if

you can work on a job of

office that is directly

related to their studies in Canada or

in your home country then you will be

graduated in business and got a job

in business great but it also gives you

opportunity to people who do not get

work in the field they studied I.e.

is neither a professional nor a

technician to work in any field

that it is a tir 4 or 5 that are works

that do not require university studies or

training, so here the

freedom or the peace of mind one has

is that one says Okay

to study at Prince Eduard if I graduate

and I get a job offer in my

work category I take out the residency

perfect and if not, I also take it out

So it's very good, that's why we're going to

see the basic requirements remember

basic means that they are the minimum

But the higher your level of

English more experience less years

have you life plus score for the

permanent residence because it

works with dots So let's start with

see the application requirements on

first is to have graduated and have a

diploma from a college or university in

Prince Roy Island has to be a

public university or college other than

Here it is important to have an offer

full-time employment and that

not seasonally or for at least two seasons

years of an employer in Island eye in

Prince Eduard as there is so much production

agricultural and seafood fishing

there are many jobs that are for

seasons for the summer season

The harvest season The harvest season

fishing if you build an offer of

employment after graduation in this Rubio

unfortunately it will not work because it is

temporary has to be permanent or for a period of

at least two years in addition to this must

have a postgraduate degree Edition Word permit

valid and holding status in Canada

legal I finished classes I graduated I got

my posgraduation Word permit I have my

work permit with the offer of

employment also has to go to a

interview he is going to do with you

in the with the government of princesador

Island If required and the part

important here is the language part

if your job offer is a shot 0 1 o

2 which is a nox 0a or b which is a nox 0a or b which are works

professionals or technicians the good

news is that the level of English

required is going to be an English level that

the employer will determine for you

work in the province slips the

web page

has sufficient

Language to perform de Job by providing

a complete

indicated Player is the bold professional

The employer then delivers a

form that says I am comfortable with

my employee's level of English

because when you graduate from a

College in Prince already has

Clara English or I mean I care a lot

by language now if you get

an offer of employment in a tir 4 or 5 which

it is a noxeo of to give them to you

examples of such jobs are jobs

that you do not need to study in a

basic training, i.e. you are going to


how to do it you learned ready are

jobs that are learned by doing

for example working in manufacturing in

the production part of the production part of the

restaurants wash dishes clean floors

waitressing entry level jobs

if you get a job offer

there you must demonstrate that you have a high level of

of English clb four or one level

English that is quite basic and that is not

worry because they are going to have it because

you will become a graduate student

in addition to this you must be between 18 and 59

years in this plan there is an age limit

must have sufficient funds to

province, and in addition, the province must

demonstrate a genuine intention to

staying to live in Prince Eduard Island

it is important that here is with the point

of intention to live in Prince Eduard

because this is called nomination

the difference between this and a provincial

permanent residency plan for the

Federal plan is that the Federal plan will

force you to work for 12 months

in a professional or technical job

let's say you got a job at

a company engaged in the packaging of


if you wish with that experience that

get packing food to take out the

residence for the Federal plan

unfortunately it will not be able to because the

Federal plan called

experience glass only takes into

has professional or technical experience

now Eddy Ah But if I consider a

job offer in something I studied

perfect for the provincial plan You

has to work on that.

get the offer and Listo already with the

offer you can apply to the

permanent residence while for

the Federal plan has to work 12

months there is a difference in that the

province tells him to work in whatever

or get a professional job

but you don't need to work there for a year

but with the job offer and its

diploma you can now be a candidate for

permanent residency if the points

while under the Federal plan, the Federal

government officials tell you Ah ah work me

twelve months get an English level

advanced French intermediate good score

and compete with others for residency

permanent then if you go Prince

Eduard and you say to me Eddy

I love life in Prince Eduard I am

mega happy here I want to stay for

always then take out the residency for

provincial nomination, but if you would like to

says Hey I don't see expectations of

growth I do not see that I am going to

grow here I do not see that I have

employment opportunities better future

I want to change province then

assess permanent residency by the

Federal plan called experience in the

who, I repeat, has to work for 12 months

in a professional or technical job

having an advanced level of English is not

the employer's letter nor the clb four

of a level of English hayals 8 or 9 a

good French and obtain residency by

the Express Class quality plan

advantage of this Federal plan is that

you can get residency and

move to any province you

then wish students in princess

Island This is the residency plan of

this province and I hope it will be of use to you and

to permanent residency

be well bye bye bye

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