Visa refusals from other countries: may affect Canadian visas

Let us avoid rejection or accusations of misrepresentation.

Telling the truth and presenting any kind of rejection, even from other countries and from many years ago, is crucial for your applications.

I hope this helps you to avoid making mistakes,

With love,



Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and while helping them to

you to arrive in Canada for a short time.

legal as it has to be today I will

teach them an important trick so that they can

you make your application well done and

please avoid getting a rejection from

visa for Miss reasons

representation What is Miss

representation is a crime that occurs

when one

of good intention or with guilt to

you did not know or did at fault or

hid or lied didn't know doesn't matter

but you lied on your application

withheld some important information in

migration takes that as a lie to the

government and therefore they will accuse him of

my representation I am to be

blocked from traveling to Canada by the

next five years then

how this happens This good thing can happen by

many reasons why you lie or

guiltily conceals information

or unintentionally or because a third party

did it for you, watch out for consultants

ghosts in Latin America that are not

are not qualified to make

visa application to lie for the purpose of


today I have a very important question or a very important

part of very important questions the

document application e.g. in the

student worker visa and is

on the last page Well one last

but on page four of the five

pages which is a series of questions

who say no Yes no Yes no Yes no Yes and

it really looks very simple but all

the cases that I have seen from my

representation come from these questions

I put it here for you to see and read.

part one section number Forgiveness

the second part section number two is

the section that most confuses people

why because the first question that

do in section 2 is ever

you have been beyond validation

of their immigration status or has attended

an unauthorized school in

Canada or has worked without a permit if

you say you didn't but you did it.

stayed longer in Canada as indicated in the

will be discovered but the one that is let's say

the typical question that everyone asks

world makes mistakes

question 2b that says have you ever

Bin refusted

avisat the Night it entry order to live

canada or any other country or territory

any other country orter territorial la

people don't read this people say so I

I have never applied for a visa with Canada and they place

no O people say Well I had a

US visa denial about 10 years ago

years I don't remember when it was

I put gender because that was a long time ago

time and I remember to know and gentlemen that

this statement the number B refers to

that you have had any rejection or

have been told that they cannot enter a

Canadian country or any country in the

world no matter what it is if you in the

past has ever had a rejection of

visa canadian american australian

of any country in the world has to

Yes and saying it doesn't matter ago

how old it was no matter if you were

a baby has to say it has to

say Yes and below in

1993 when I was three years old my mother

it tells me that we are applying for an american visa

my visa was denied

I do not know the exact date I do not know

the reasons but had a rejection of

you have to declare it so that you can

I had at least one very, very sad case of a


that the visa was not denied to the United States.

What happened with him was that he for

error arrived at the U.S. border

United States and treated in the United States and the

officer told him he could not enter and the

boy I thought it was that I could

ask for an american visa at the door

of the United States

cannot return to his country of origin.

origin I told him in the consultation when

you are applying for a Canadian visa you must

state that because that was a Dead

entry an officer told you in the United States

United that you can't enter the boy

because he ignored me and went to a consultant.

in Colombia and the agency's

educational system in Colombia told him Ay no but

you were 15 years old that was 15 years ago

and besides it was nothing That was nothing That was nothing That was nothing

it was nothing I put you that not the boy did not

heeded me he heeded the one who heeded him.

said it was easy and it is already happening

that denied him a visa for Canada is the

first time was denied the second time

we apply again with me we ask

Sorry he already came with me and told me Eddy

for I made this mistake I do not know what And I then

I scolded him AND we reapplied for the visa.

the second one was not with me and

Unfortunately, the visa was rejected

again and the official says it is

because he doesn't trust that if he knew

because it concealed that element not

no matter how long ago it was no

whether you think it was something very important or not.

simple always better than stated

Because if you declare it you are

showing that you are doing honest with

Officer Baldo gives many

honesty so please always

leave your rejections another question that

says have you previewsley to enter

reming canada have to say yes if

have had a visa rejected

they have to tell her that she does have a visa

approved in such year or rejected in such year

year with Canada have to always

declare their rejections of Canadians from

anywhere in the world regardless of

how long ago it was and then that it

ask some questions about whether

have you ever been arrested in your

country or has committed a crime if he or she has

fact has to say what it was and not

can withhold information and even more so if this

was in the United States because he remembers in

Canada and the United States share

information and what's going on in

Canada knows the United States and what

in the United States and Canada, too.

you will know so please a lot

beware of this and avoid my

representations Bye

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