Options after a Canadian visa refusal

A visa rejection is always possible, but I don't want you to go down! That's why I'm making this video for you to evaluate your options if this should happen to you.

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

es dí Ramírez and invite him to help them to

you to arrive in Canada by the end of the year.

legal as it has to be since I am

constituta regul before the government

Canadian today I want to talk about

a reality that I have spoken about in many

videos but I feel it is important

and talk about it and it is the

possibility of visa rejection

when you apply for a visa

Canadian whoever you are the profile

that you have the chance to have your visa

always exists but I want it to

know that it's not the end of the world that

the application can be redone and

that the second time you try

or the third or the fourth or the fifth on the

result may be different Then

what we read today is about What to do if

your visa as it is denied the first step is to

relax and look at things from a different perspective.

a more objective point of view here tends to be

you have to assess whether the plan is really

the one you applied for is the most

profile and determine whether or not

the life you have chosen because the

The appropriate next step is to check whether or not

Canada where you want to go because

it may be that if the rejection came out Ah

well Canada is not I am going to another country El

world is very large and there are many countries

as good as and even better than Canada and

if after reviewing one and two you

says No I want the same plan for the

I applied and I want Canada I'm going to

try again because it is tried and

here is where today's video comes from when

suisa is denied, it is necessary to see first that

all Why was the rejection I tell you

There is an option called

reconsideration is the first I want

alemos today reconsideration what is

this in many cases by raisins there are

applications that ship super well

made complete and the officer denies the

by an element that cannot be

interpreted, i.e. the officer rejects

the visa because it says that you have not

been admitted to a Canadian College or

a university in Canada when you

sent the letter of acceptance from the College

university, i.e. the official No

evaluated that document that was sent or that was

the officer says I tell you the visa because

you were not hired by a boss

I already have the contract of the

employer Can adien plus one lm ya

positive is that you didn't see it or that you tell him

I read the ava because he did not send

I sent them with translations

Here they are.

wrong on an element that is clear and

you have no room for interpretation

you have the possibility to request by

through a consultant here you will never be

I recommend doing it today I recommend it today

hire an immigration consultant to

the consultant to evaluate this and write up

the reconsideration letter a letter that

the officer is sent the official one in which he is

explains the reasons why one

considers that he made a mistake and the officer

has the subjective power not to

obligation to reopen the case and what it

happens is that if the officer sees that yes

made a mistake in fact and wishes to

what it does is that it goes to the

platform on which you received your

rejection and modifies and changes from rejected

a approved You do not have to apply

again, you do not have to send papers

again nor pay for anything more than what it does

is that the officer sees that a mistake is made and

changes to an approval But this does not

as usual I leave you the link to

imiland's services so that you can

hire if you want this to be

evaluated by imiland now let's say that

no indeed edy as the officer does not

refused the visa for such an element

but rejected the visa For my sake

profile for example travel reasons in

that case people always want to

apply immediately here my advice is

ask for what is called atip the atip are

the officer's notes in which the

officer delivers the notes he took in

account to refuse his visa and gives him

an accurate summary of Why your visa was

denied and based on these reasons

one can reapply with a single

application much better done than commenting

o Respond to each of these points.

that was used against the applicant or

of the applicant to answer these questions.

points and apply a more appropriate form

This reapplication is not an appeal, it is an appeal.

a newly made application has

to pay again for the form

make the complete application forms upload

emotional letters emotional documents do the

payments have to be made all from

new from scratch and it is a new decision

that is to be issued and it may be that that

application be approved latip For in

theory takes eh 60 days to come out

but in practice it can take up to 5 months

to go out because there is a lot of demand

so be patient now if your

visa is denied and your classes begin

very soon Well, it will be a matter of

reapply but a little bit As with the

because one knows the real reasons for the

of rejection but trying to make a

new application in imiland we are very

happy to tell you that our customers

who contact us after a rejection

and replicate with us have had a

a have a chance of approval

quite high because one always has

as a space for improvement and therefore it is never

to try it again as well

one thing they need to know is that say

you originally applied for a

student who was denied and then enters

to Canada as a worker can be

change the strategy and use an option

different to enter Canada if it is

possible and this will not imply a rejection

again For more information on

our services I leave the links below

and I hope this video will help you and for

please if your hearing is denied do not enter into

panic maintain hope and apply

again be well bye bye bye

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