Official sources of information:

All applications must be made ONLINE

Persons within Canada using the flagpole practice (going to the border), be aware that it is no longer possible in the vast majority of cases, notably extensions or issuance of PGWP. On the other hand, persons applying for closed work permits arriving from outside Canada at the port of entry (usually airport) please watch for more information in the coming days. At the moment we tend to think that they will be affected but it is not 100% confirmed as there is conflicting information on different pages.

People who can still use other application methods (either paper or border) outside of the mandatory online are as follows. Please check the program guide to find out if you must do it on paper or if you can go to the border:

- Bridging open work permit (bridging open work permit) under Express Entry

- Doctors in Quebec

- International Experience Canada participants only if they are changing the period of participation or employer after having already received a first work permit.

- PGWP if they were issued for less time the permit given to the validity of the passport.

- Persons with temporary residence permit in special situations (inadmissible)

- Seafood processing workers with a positive LMIA

- Workers under urgent referrals

- Refugees

- Persons under orders to leave the country

- Visitors within Canada who wish to change to a study permit if they have family members within Canada who have a work permit.

- Visitors using special travel document because they do not have status or non-citizen refugee documents.

Stay tuned in the next few days as we will be updating you.

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Hello Hello Good morning everyone

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Edith Ramirez and my job is to help them.

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it should be This video

I had to do it running I'm in

vacation So you weren't supposed to

This video makes this video but for me it is very

it is important that you are very

informed about it, and it is because the

last week, a new project became very well known.

information about the government

Canadian had made significant changes to the

important in the way in which the

persons within Canada could apply

to changes in permissions, extensions or

renovations and therefore this will affect

many people who are inside the

country and for me it is very important that

you know about it before

I want you to know one thing

posgraduation Word permitt follow

existing individuals can apply to

work permits all of this follows

existing is normal what has changed is

the way in which one applies for such

permits then Let's begin

the most important point is that I want to

that they understand one thing when one

requesting a study permit for

example, or a work permit in the

most cases one asks for your permission

outside Canada, the government sends a

letter that says it oversees has been

approved can travel to Canada and in the

airport you are going to deliver your

for the first time this is maintained for the first time

This has not changed if it is in your hand

there is already a letter of approval from your

application in which it states that you have to

travel to Canada to be delivered the

permit this is now maintained what

change basically when one is in

for example by studying, nor do they know how to

one could before graduates could approach the

border with the United States and make a

famous element called El

that one could go to the border and ask for

at the Canadian border that deliver to you

hand the new graduation leave

World permit also people within

Canada who wanted to change employers

or apply for a new work permit

to the flatpolin i.e. they were going to

United States were entering and are returning to

Canada to deliver their new

work permit extension what

this was very, very good because the

issuance of the permit, i.e. one passed

let's say the whole day there were process

long annoying, the positive thing was that in

the moment when one was going to the

border was automatically mounted on

their car and had the hands of the new

work permit I did it with my

husband applied an extension of one

new work permit Ah I do not change a

work permit closed Forgiveness ago

about three years and we tell him the border

and it was quite fast and

takes away the tedious process of

having to do it online pay

government tariffs wait months for

response Unfortunately, here comes the

important news is that the government

announced that officially all types of

application either changes the permission of

work study permit extension

of work

even applications have posgraduation

Word permitt has to be done in the following way

online already the famous flash polling left

to exist and you are obliged to

make your applications online

i.e. over the Internet and have to

wait for Canada's response time

The positive thing is that the majority of cases

when you make the application

online between an element called

maintain the status of what used to be called

Empire status in what we say if you

the school graduated applied for graduate studies

Edition Word permit and is waiting for

response and Canada takes three months

or 4 months to respond to you or 4 months that time

you hope you can work the same for

example when you are extending your

work permit may follow

working in many cases then as

that the waiting time may continue

working now this is for sure I am going to

leave the links below for you

see that the information is genuine I will

make here screenshot for you to see

information on the website of the

government and know about it now

next point there are certain exceptions

to persons who are within Canada and

can still approach the port of

entry to request a change of permit and

there is another element that is an element

as uncertain as I want it to be.

please listen please stay until the

that it is very important that the first

element is the element of the

Exceptions There are people still within

Canada I will place the link below to

to please review it because there are more

the most important are the following

if you are in Canada and need to make

any of these items please know

that they do not have to do it online but

that can still approach the

border to make flack Point Which ones

are a bridging work permit for

people who are applying through

of Express in the house of your stay

temporary in Canada may apply for a temporary

brujing to stay in Canada more

time doctors in Quebec participating

international experience glass is only

are changing the period of

employer participation then already have

received a first work permit

The post permits were issued on

permits for less time given validity

passport also for individuals

contemporary Resident Evil in

special situations

that are also admissible for

workers in processes in processes in processes in

seafood with lmia approved workers

under els refugees people under

exit orders to the country visitors

within Canada who wish to change their

study permits and have families

within Canada who hold a Canadian

work, i.e. they can still apply the

border for study permits and

visitors using travel document

special because they have no status or

citizenship or refugee documents

are certain exceptions to the rule of

remains if you are not in these

exceptions who posted the link below

know that you have to apply online now

there is, let's say, a

there is a kind of 20% doubt

in which we are still waiting for the

consultants that the government pronounces itself

in this regard, let us say that he pronounces

tomorrow please keep an eye on my

Instagram I leave them here below for

But there's like a

kind of doubt And the fact is that, for example

people from countries such as Mexico and Chile

who had the eta and are covered by the

what is nafta and tlc you are

until a few days ago 100% sure it was

possible for you to get your

offer of employment and without the validation of the

lm and positive lm and positive lm and positive lm will approach

Beta will travel to Canada and at the port of

entrance when they arrived in front of the

official to ask for their permission, i.e.

you are asked for the officer's permission to

work at the airport

this and here the officer between the hand the

work permit directly and the

permit is approved for you and your

family Unfortunately, there were tendencies

giant according to what we read with

we interpret the law to mean that people

under these agreements, the FTAs also

are excluded from the issuance of a

work at the airport Unfortunately

and also the tendency to see that many

people have commented me on instagram

who came to Canada to do the permit

and the airport work officer and the

said to him, "You don't have to come in as

tourists and make your application online or

the arm country of origin and

apply online then I feel

Unfortunately, because it affects a lot

customers in Milan that this can

unfortunately, you no longer have the opportunity to

are covered by this change without

However, there is no such thing as a source is

interpretation Yes that part of the tlc e

interpretation there is no security because

Although there are elements that can be seen

there are others who are like

contradictory So we do not know if

yes or else I would think so.

that you are no longer covered

so if this turns out to be true what

is what happens is that you have

you say you are a Chilean Mexican and

you get a job offer on

lm and accession has to be requested

in order to validate your job offer and

from its country of origin Mexico chile

have to make an application of type

online then they have to go to the portal

of Canadian migration from there fill

forms upload documents that

show your offer of employment in Canada and

all comments to support your experience

The previous year, then, all of the

previous working papers

proof of employment and documentation that

show that they have the studies to

to be able to work in this area and if all

these elements are in accordance with the above

and has to wait for it and the

of his family obviously and has to

waiting from their country of origin for the

Canada's response for the permit

be approved this is in For if yes if yes it is

100% sure

we are not yet as we would say with the

exact security because I told them that

as there is a space of emptiness

legal there is not very clear explained to

my eyes Yes Clara is here but the consultant

of assimilan who say otherwise there are

other builders who disagree with the

So it's like that one.

discrepancy I am going to travel to Canada I will

study as I told you on vacation I

I am arriving in Canada in 15 days and my plan is to

as well as at the airport to ask if any

officer is kindly requested to

explain myself but I honestly hope

that 15 days from now I will return to you

well not like 20 days ago that he returned to

Canada There is already greater clarity in the

if you are traveling to Canada

in the next few days and wants to make them

as an experiment and see if he tries it

or the last days yesterday or the day before yesterday happened to him

that the officer did not issue the permit

please comment below to let us know if

in case you have already issued the

permission then Let me know what happened

Well, honestly, no, it doesn't. Well, yes, it does.

for workers, it can be a

negative impact But for people who

want to extend their permits OR change

of status or is or work within

Canada as Word radiation allows for

Remember that you are in beach status

was maintained and so it is not going to

the permits continue to be affected by the

not to panic but

these changes exist because

lately on the Canadian border

on the entry taxes of the

airport there are too many people, i.e. there are

some people take 10 hours

waiting for an answer there are queues

endless And so

the immigration agency in the

Canada border He already said he could not

that I can no longer continue to cease that I can no longer

taking those processes because they were

too long and too heavy, there are also

rumors that the applications to

work permits because they were wrong

and the officers approved the

visas without the candidate therefore having

eligible for it and well my

and that's why the Canadian government

pausa said

We stop it and hope that it will change the

future because if this complicates

because it increases the times and you can

I'm not going to make the process more tedious

to lie I'm not very happy with the

news for nothing but that's what it is

So nothing I leave you I hope that

information reaches people who have

to reach them and serve them many that

to all of you be well chao cha

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