Migrating to Canada is difficult? Look at our countries

I understand 100% how complicated the process of obtaining permanent residency in Canada can seem.

However, far from learning the language, which is something normal since in Canada they speak English and French, not Spanish, I do not see much difference with our countries. In fact, I dare to think that it may be even less time consuming in Canada than in LATAM or some northern countries.

I make this video to encourage you that not everything here is so complicated.

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so much paperwork and so many things you have

to have just to have the residency

permanent for residency only

permanently discouraging outlook if

one day I thought about leaving for Canada every

I find it more and more difficult to meet many requirements

money and if in the end they don't give the

residence losing everything I understand the

100% that it may sound overwhelming the

number of requirements that I have from the

videos he is seen four than the clb

seven that the level of English that the

level of French that the experience that

the six months that the offer of employment

that the study permit I know that

sounds overwhelming but many people

think this is too much of a requirement but

when you realize the

requirements of our countries

to be permanent residents the thing

changes and that's what this video is about first

I would like to tell you that the fact

is just being a permanent resident is like

if permanent residency were nothing

remember guys, I'm a resident

permanent in Canada is almost the same

benefit than being a citizen except to

that one does not have the right to vote

and neither the right to have the

Canadian passport because it is

get with citizenship you have

the rights and duties that a citizen

Canadian So it's not just anything

is everything Now I wonder if

is that you think people who think me

from countries such as Colombia Peru chile

Mexico has a person like me who

has a Canadian passport and wishes to

immigrate their countries Simply arrives

your country's embassy in Canada touches the

door and the ambassador of the papers

thing is that you do not know but

to obtain the permanent residency of

their countries is more difficult than getting

permanent residency in Canada as follows

is and that's what this video is about because I want to

tell them what are the requirements for

be a permanent resident or more than all

are the years of waiting to get the

residence in their countries in comparison

with Canada So let's go on tour

imagine that in order to become a resident

permanent from Peru I need to work

in Peru with a valid work permit

for at least three years and thereafter

to obtain permanent residency in

Mexico I am asked to work for four years with

a work permit and after the

fourth year is I can apply the

permanent residence in Colombia

five years of work in Colombia

and apparently the most typical way of

Colombia to obtain residency

permanent grip note is by means of

a plan that is called investor and

you always say Canada is too much

expensive Canada charges so much to go to

look at Canada when you want to look at

for Colombia to obtain a visa for

investor must invest 350

million pesos, equivalent to 75

one thousand U.S. dollars, which must be

as nearly 100,000 Canadians in Canada

That does not cost much cheaper to study

in Panama, I was shocked to learn that I had to

wait 10 years to be able to apply the

permanent residence Apparently and

when you apply for residency you have to

be mandatorily advised by a qualified

lawyer who charges a very high fee for the

residence Let me know in your comments if

is this true please if I am wrong

because I did a search in

Google quickie in the ministries and

migration I do not know if it is true but let

your comments if it is real what I am

saying and now let's say with country that we do not

are ours but that we want to

emigrate to another country in another part of the

world a northern country a northern country a northern country a northern country

developed we are leaving for England

in England you must have a permit

valid working position in a position of

high salary and work for at least

five years to be able to apply for the

permanent residency if you become

to marry a British man or woman, and

you wish to obtain residency by means of

which is called sponsorship guapa

openness must live in England

Almost five years and then it is that by

apply for permanent residency including

it is complicated to get a permit for

work in Canada when you want to

to obtain permanent residency because he or she

get a Canadian while you wait

the residency that takes a year to process

you can work while waiting for the

permanent residence Because it gives a

interim work permit and other than

that's just getting married being married

demonstrate that the relationship exists and there

same applies to the residence

no need to wait for anything

Denmark I went to Dina about a month ago and

and I fell in love with that country and I got

I'm curious to know eight years there are

to work in Denmark in a job of

high salary AND after working eight

years in Denmark is that one can

apply for permanent residency in

Canada there are residency plans

permanent in which you are the first to

without ever having set foot in Canada

I.e. from your country of origin you

has a good study profile worked at the

English French at a good level and from

your home country you create a portal

in a plan called express between

Walker puts his papers in his application

everything and maybe in six months he gets the

permanent residence without ever having

Canada another plan is the

students from Canada study

work six months after graduation

or get the job offer apply

residence by provincial nomination

student couple travel to Canada

as workers get the offer of

employment in anything cleaning floors

from manitoba six months working in that

can apply for residency by

provincial nomination which is complicated

Yes, it does ask for a French exam Yes, of course

yes but it is that good system you

complain about Canada is too much

demanding And you compare other countries

what they ask for are not realized in Canada.

is so demanding and apart from that, and they are

I do a something for you guys to kind of

ask yourselves what it is that

that you like so much about Canada is

security stability how well

you believe that if Canada

to enter Canada to any of the following

person who wants to travel to this country

Canada to be what it is today leaves

you think of the answer and I think

that Canada is what it is today because

It chooses very well to whom it reaches and those who

decide to try the process that is not

so difficult to achieve it, so when

think traveling to canada is difficult

remember to perhaps become a Panamanian

it can take me 10 years and me in 10 years

I am already a Canadian citizen who is

well bye bye

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