LIES BY SIGHTS I Influencer tales damaging the Canadian dream.

We will promote a responsible, objective, and discerning immigration. Far from lies and deceptions about plans that do NOT exist.

In this way we will make life impossible for fraudsters.

I hope this video clarifies the reality of Canada and generates awareness in the creators who for views do whatever it takes to move away from principles and values that make us responsible human beings.

With love,



Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Eddy Ramirez and I am a consultant.

Canadian government-regulated I can

to bring you to the point where you can

Canada through legal channels as it has to

I come today with my Grinch hat on

and I want us to talk about a topic

that doesn't make me very happy because I don't

likes to throw hate at other creators of

content but I think it is necessary to

I tried to make it I tried to giant here I sent a

huge message to this person I wrote

several times I told him for different


please review the content but


the message was seen and not received

answer and I think that the one who

this video arrives perfect and if it generates

conscience in you who see it or you

who creates the content then great So

I think it is important to do so because

not fair ok

I repeat again, nothing makes me happy

I don't like this but I have

I do it also because

for these videos I have received a lot of

people in consultation who will need

because what is happening is that the

content creator generates content

but cannot provide consultation because it is

illegal for people who come by

a consultation with a professional who is

duly regulated to charge for a

service arrives for consultation with

expectations of a service that does not

and in the office they complain and complain about the

They are upset Because they thought that

what the content creator said

or because they believe that the consultant

is lying to complicate your

process and charge you for a service that

is not necessary because the creator of

content says it is not so then it is

as a vicious circle that is not right

among the many videos that I have

that I saw that had the most impact on me was

a video that says

I do cotation I speak quotation marks all the

world makes the impossible to get from 2

to 5 weeks to give papers and enter

Canada through the front door

urgently need people who have or have

wish to have children

let the whole family in without

regardless of the level of education

migration processes are free of charge and it is

a video that does not continue and I did a lot of

things that are outside the reality of

Canada Then I understand that when

does not create nesthetic content there are two types

of things Here we are going to talk about as they are

the content creator who has the ability to

generates content on YouTube

I don't know if you know but on YouTube

YouTube pays for views that is when

one that is now kind of contained has

many views and many likes and

comments YouTube as it pays and the

content creator earns for it and is

the consultant who works for and is paid for his or her


the content creator cannot charge

for an immigration consultation for which

your way of having revenue or money is

by the views generated by your videos I

I have sadly realized when I

I make a video in which I explain step-by-step how to

step how to achieve a thing in which

because there are too many steps and no view

because people don't like what they see

complicated, people like it complicated, people like it complicated, people like it complicated, people like it complicated, people like it complicated, people like it complicated.

that it is easy to see what is seen quickly and

and that's what makes a lot of

content generates content

sensationalist with words like

I just said to bring views and

obviously increase the number of

visualizations and earn more money

we make money on the back of is nothing else

that I have a lot of views is that I

I am

misinforming an audience that exceeds

millions of people are not five

people and so it was one is not fair

but they are videos that have 500 thousand 600

one thousand and one million views is a

million people who are being

uninformed by information that does not

exists and I want us to cover every point

I just said

2 to 5 weeks to provide paperwork and

enter Canada through the front door

where I work with immigration and I

I am a migration consultant lawyer and I

I have not yet seen a process that takes too long.

two to five weeks to give

someone papers to travel to Canada for

the big door that is the residence

this person makes a video

that does not even explain what flat

I imagine it refers to a plan to

of reference for the images that come out

the video as Refugio's but even a

Refugio's case does not occur from two to five

weeks someone in five weeks is not going to

have the permanent residence of

immediate then this two-year period of two years.

five weeks my people there is no

process let's say each type of visa in

Canada the most typical is the

studies when Canada does not apply for

study in Canada the process of

application and since the test on the visa

of studies is not yet between two months and two months.

to six months of process for you to

to enter Canada to study after

you land in Canada as a student

You have to study the career you have

to graduate

two years of study can be spent in

graduate after two years you have

to work in some provinces

works six months twelve months or 24 months

let's say he works for a year when he

works one year becomes eligible for

apply for permanent residency after

that residency applies because it is already

eligible has to wait for the

province nominate you as a resident

permanent, which can be six months and

when nominated by the residence

by the province and then asks for the

residence with the Federal plan that can

take at least one more year if six

months visa waiting period plus one year

of work experience

plus the two years of study make two years

three and a half years three and a half years six

months waiting for a response from the

province is now four years and one year

to get Canada's response already

is another extra year and it is almost five years

of process Then for the visa of

five years of study to become a

permanent resident by way of

work six months of waiting one year of

experience plus a year and a half of

waiting for three years in the process

So there are three ways of working

years of Express

entry is a year of processes so

one year of trial by way of

refuge To Canada and apply for refugee status

has to wait up to two months for

the hearing if the hearing is approved

and at the hearing they say yes, so

you have to wait about eight months

to become a permanent resident other

people remain in Limbo

and they do not get an answer in

the hearing and have to wait three

four years plus then from two to five

weeks to get the paperwork for

to Canada that's a lie that's a lie that's not

exists Ok that's a scam next

people with a desire to have



where there is a miraculous plan in Canada

that one is given papers for having children

Where there is a Canadian immigration plan

you say you are fertile come for

Canada How many children to have

wants to have five we give him the part

tomorrow that does not exist Canada there is no

any type of benefit persons who

have children or want to have children

because it says

urges people who have or wish to have children

Canada does not have any children, does it?

there are children That's a lie a lot of people

thinks that the canal is a country of old people

look I go to the children's park and there are

as a thousand children everywhere one goes to

the streets and children are running all over the

Canada's myth that people are

and that there are no children and Canada gives him

role for people who want to have children

that's a lie so Canada is not

urged by people who want to have

children that is a lie ok

next to let them bring in all the

family regardless of the level of

studies Who is the whole family

the wife the husband the grandfather the

grandma grandma mom dad dad uncle uncle

brother not the family is the partner of the

worker or student and children

under 22 years of age is enough

family Ok apart from that that the

migration processes are free of charge

when you want to travel to Canada to

any migration plan any migration plan any migration plan

There is an economic investment in the

the first investment is that of the passage

to enter the country that does not apply to Canada

you have to pay for your ticket to

enter the country second when you ask for

a visa with Canada you have to pay the

immigration fees all plans

in Canada there is always a cost of

a cost Here is a small table

so that they know when they have to pay for it

you to Canada not to a consultant

they also have to do translations of

documents because the applications are

translated documents that does not stop

Canada you pay out of your pocket

arrives in Canada has to pay the

public transportation to your home on

subway at lunch Where it's free

Where are the freebies then?

process and here I did not mention

a consultant's plan a consultant's plan is

an accessory my work is not

required you can do it alone

So where is the free process

Where is the family that has to

travel all to Canada the water the water the uncle the

cousin the brother Where are the children and

fertile women Honestly among

the more I talk about it, the more I get annoyed

I'm upset because I can't believe that

let us be so unaware and so say

irresponsible to have their hands on a

channel with so many people who follow us and

trusting us and showing up

saying anything to generate

views if you are watching my

person who owns this channel I beg you

please download these videos

and create Sensible content

honest and above all responsible because

misinforming the way you do it.

does and many other creators do

It should be a crime Ok and what you

It is very bad I ask for your conscience and

also to you who listen to this type of

information do not be naïve because of

please investigate if someone says that the

the sky is pink have criteria say no

the sky is sometimes blue sometimes white

sometimes it looks gray but pink do not have

criteria search on the internet at

Canadian government website everything is

translated into English read more

seek official sources of people

with professional judgment to create

content and do not get carried away by

I send a big kiss to

everyone I hope this video will be useful for you

I don't like this content help me

like to throw them to anyone else but think

When someone pollutes or damages the

how you are making this content

so badly done Well, I think it is necessary to

And if I know the one that will

does it is me then well I do it I am

very good bye bye bye

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