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Attention international students

government of Canada has just announced

changes effective as of

January 1, 2024 and that they are going to

affect many people and these

changes are 100% related to the

economic capacity that you have

what to prove in order to travel to Canada

as students and demonstrate that they can

maintenance, i.e. maintenance when

you were coming to Canada until the first of

January 2024 have to demonstrate in

your bank account the cost of the first

year of study plus $10,000 for the

financial solvency, however, as of

from January 1, 2024 it will have

to demonstrate instead of 10,000

0.635 Canadian and to this amount they have

the cost of the first year of the

studies, so if you are already

admitted to a College have their letter

acceptance in the hands and does not have the

economic capacity to demonstrate that


20,635 plus the cost of the first year of

I highly recommend

apply for this visa process before

January 1, 2024 if you

is a customer of imiland I beg you please

to send your documents immediately

to be able to upload your application and have it

by December 20 in order for the company to

to give us time to make the application as

It is important to know the

These changes do not affect the following

impact on the province of Quebec

province of Quebec has not yet published

any kind of change since they do

have made changes to the solvency

economic then you saw the province

Quebec quiet that you can apply

after January 1 without any

second problem there is still no Clarity of

on how this affects the

family to the student we do not know if the

partner has to demonstrate 75 percent more

of what they have to prove before if

children I can also assume that

that when the government publishes the

new financial solvency tables

there are going to be considerable increases in

the economic part of the family to the

student but there is no security at the

I recommend that you

consider that you may have to

demonstrate more funds for your family

third, there is still no certainty that this

Applies to extensions or not

written in the Law However, we must

imagine that s is going to apply for

extensions within Canada So

we wait for the answer we hope that the

government change the website and do more

clarifications in this regard these

changes Although you may think you have

a bit stressful and ugly and unfair

I agree that they should pass because

I just made a video a couple of years ago

hours that I was going to publish tomorrow in the

that my advice to you was that

although the Canadian government in the

website asks for 10,000 for a year of

studies in Canada in real life one

will never in his life spend 10,000

which means $800 per month in

apartment food

transportation light internet water telephone

that's impossible So I'm

happy because these changes were

required because unfortunately there are

many people in Canada who come to Canada

as students with families and are given

account that when they arrive in Canada with

what the government was asking for is not

enough to be able to live in this country

since the cost of living is much higher

I therefore ask that if you are in

visa application process and achieve

apply for the visa before

December so that this does not affect

you or before January 1 by

favor in this economic solvency

show you have more funds

because they have to know that in

in real life in Canada that amount of money that

although they can still apply because they do not

is the 20,000 but 10,000 is not going to be

enough for you to live in Canada

questions about it please click here

below Sorry for not being very clear on

many topics, but the subject is very

new if you have any questions on the below

and we will be happy to answer them and much

good luck to all of you in your processes

yilan customers please send us your

documents in order to be able to make your

application by December 31 or

January 1st but remember that

in yilan We are human and we also have

christmas vacations 24 31 no se

works the D enterior either Then

please send us your

documents in time to be able to work

in their files as they should and send the

applications before january 1st

Thank you very much to all of you for your

well bye bye

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