Cleaning apartments in Canada? YES but for RESIDENCY

No job is mediocre. Let's stop thinking this way.

It is extremely important to achieve job and professional growth and trust that you will achieve it. But do not be 100% sure that when you arrive in Canada you will have the same position as in your country because it may not be so.

With love,



that you recommend working as a floor cleaner

is a mockery of the community and a

disrespect you have a mentality

mediocre and you want your followers to

think like you surely clean

floors you to send adults to clean

floor I apologize if when I

I make my videos I comment to you

to work on anything from

permanent residence and I put as

example always good to work cleaning

floors cooking tell me zero of Cafetero in

a restaurant, etc. I would like to tell you that

I recommend it Not because I

want you to stay with us for your entire

life cleaning floors, but because when

not reach Canada let's say that you

comes to Canada to study and his partner goes to

many people who commute to

Canada as escorts for couples this

students arrive at carnival of the

get a job cleaning floors or in

a restaurant or in a cafe AND are

survival work and in many cases

a benefit is when one

works in a survival job

this job gives permanent residency

When I say you work in

anything I mean it's very

interesting to travel to the province in

any residency work

permanent For example, if you work

in Ontario cleaning floors is not going to

to obtain permanent residency by

that experience does not count but in Prince

Eduardo manitoba Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

I refer to the videos however

I think this video has a background

much stronger and it is that in our

countries we think or consider that

someone because he cleans floors is less than

someone is mediocre because here the

message says so and they say that if I clean

floors because it sends more people to clean

I tell you that I don't clean

floors today but I cleaned floors

when I came to Canada to stay in

Canada to live pay my rents and my

So we have to stop

think that we are going to travel to Canada to

work on what we work on

our countries and to be the lord and

so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so and so-and-so

such because we are never going to start

from scratch and we have to understand that we do not

is the goal but it is the possibility

that it may happen that we have to clean up

apartments for one month, six months or one year

to be able to live and to be able to pay for our

rent and our money and our things

and if that job of cleaning floors gives me

permanent residence then better

working on the canal cleaning floors or as a

waiter in a restaurant is not going to do it.

you, the fewer people you will have to

make them you better make the humans

because you are going to learn to value

everyone's job and they will see

those jobs that you think

are mediocre as a dignified job and are

which is highly remunerated in Canada

in that case then let's stop attacking

people who give us advice from

that point of view, let's stop being so lazy.

defensive I don't want you to be

their entire lives cleaning floors or

maybe they clean the floor and do it too

that become the cleaner's manager

and grow up cleaning floors in

Canada and make your own company clean up

and become millionaires by cleaning

but let's stop being so aggressive

in this type of insulting comments

people because we think we are

behind a keyboard and we can insult everything

the world and also focus on seeing

that either knowing or accepting that emigrating will not

is all insured and that it may be that

Mr. and Mrs. so-and-so in their

country of origin in Canada touches you

cleaning floors is a reality that does not

is far from anyone and that it is not going to

make you less of a person or

human beings so please

relax to relax to relax respect and avoid

those ugly comments because they are

see very very bad that it is very well chao


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