The benefits are many!! and in this video I explain why for me studying in Canada has benefits that no other country has.

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Hello Hello Good morning everyone

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel My name is Eddy Ramírez and I am

are constituted to regulate the government

Canadian and my job is to bring them to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as you have to do today I will

talk about benefits and are the

targeted benefits for families that

travel to Canada to study.

when I wife tell me to Canada

study What benefits does my husband have

and my children or my children and I go without husband

or how does my family benefit from

this decision to travel to Canada to

study the first thing we are going to talk about

before that is that I'm going to

How to apply with the family and

the elements that have to be taken into

account for this to be possible in the first place.

important point is that they know that if

you want to enjoy these

benefits The student must study

in a college or university a

post-secondary program the student

travels to Canada to study a course of

english a french course or a pas güey

benefits change Then not those

benefits of everything in the labor or

what I'm going to explain today is for

persons admitted at 100% Without

conditions in a syllabus

University or College Pos

secondary So watch out for this for


on the other hand, if you want to travel

with his family I have seen many

people who make the mistake that

first applied on their own and then in

Canada applies that of the rest of the family

the family, that is to say, they complicate the

life What is the advice of Milan which

always recommend is that you

apply all of them together, i.e. if

you go to Canada to study and you have a

husband and three children apply all five in

the same visa How to apply when

you have the form in your

application of warned There goes to

ask you if you want to apply with

And if you say yes that

apply with dependents has to

declare them dependent Starting with

your spouse or common-law husband and then with the

other children as you wish to organize them

this benefit does not extend to parents

no brothers, uncles, aunts, uncles and grandparents nothing

more husband wife cohabitant cohabitant e

children's eye a question also that I

do is Eddy I'm going to canastatoar with my

partner but my partner has children

those children benefit from me

as a student The answer is yes

dependent on their partner become

automatically in their own

dependent So the children of their

couple can travel to Canada with you

from what age children benefit from 0

at 22 years old attentive with this Now already

I explained what kind of programs and how

we applied for a visa before jumping into the

other things I want to tell you that

many people apply on their own because

think that this is going to reduce the number of

expenses in terms of financial solvency

that they have to prove Y

unfortunately I have to tell you that

not true if you apply Canada only

must still demonstrate solvency in order to

your dependent family travel or not travel

Canada attentive with this information

so that's why on the practical side it is

better to apply all at once or else

then apply later but know that

applying it afterwards, there is no guarantee that

the visa is approved for the remainder of his or her

family so be careful because very

sad when clients come to me

with the story that

used our strategy and the visa was

and then the following is separated from the

families and I don't like that first

benefit is for the student as

know the student of a College

university careers by high school

has access to a work permit

as a student this work permit

allows you to work off-campus at the

College or university and earn

money to pay for their studies by taking

that this experience, except in the case of

the province of Quebec does not count for the

permanent residence in Quebec counts

a few months before graduation but

while a student is studying the

college, university or college time

student study this

experience it gains does not count for

permanent residence second

benefit the student traveling to

Canada with wife wife common-law wife with

cobina When I say concubine with cubinas

having lived together in the same house

for 12 months eye if you are

dating and have never lived together do not

serves the student's partner will

receiving an open work visa will allow you to

will enable you to gain experience of

work to earn money and the most important point is

important is that it will allow the

partner to the student to begin his or her journey

to obtain permanent residency by

provincial nomination and I'll tell you about the

with respect to this benefit, which is the

best and is the last third visa of

child study If your child when

you apply the visa is 5 years old or going

to turn five years old is recommended

apply at once for a one-time visa type of visa.

studies for when you arrive in Canada

start studying for free

children of students

international as well as any other international

child in Canada has access to education


So they don't have to pay you the

school or high school for their children

however, when their children were already

graduated from high school in their country of

origin i.e. high school graduates

in your home country you have to

pay for it here in Canada, the College or the

university as a student

international but children of international age but children of international age but children of international age

elementary or high school education

study in Canada completely free of charge

next important point that your children

small children can travel with you from 0 to

5 years with a tourist visa before the

five years sorry but here is something

important for young children you

they have to pay them the daker for that

is not a benefit, it is a negative and in

Canada applies worldwide Thus

that they know in Canada they have to pay you

day-to-day child care and cost

will vary depending on each province

in which public buses costing 78

hours a day but there are private individuals who

charge 80 per day and there are others

provinces which is much more expensive

then they need to know that

monthly they will hunt at least

about $1,000 in Baker for their children

when traveling to Canada if the children

have 3 series and five years following


is access to postgraduation Word

allow when you as a Student are

graduates in Canada is his studies after

graduate may apply for a permit to work in the

postgraduation Word permi

and this benefit will allow you to

get a job offer

permanent to work and receive a job

professional technician and when you

get this experience after

graduate is usually three months or

month and a half depending on how you are paid

you must submit three pay stubs

for your husband or wife to apply to

the extension of the work permit and

can continue to work within

Canada then know that the couple

to the student when students gradually

at the university and asks the

posgraduation Word permit the couple

future may be extended will be in Canada and

to continue working in his country and the last

benefit I want to tell you about today is

to travel to Canada was in Canada

if you do it right it is an investment

because these future studies are going to

to generate the possibility of taking out the

permanent residence either by

provincial nomination or by Express

entry Canyon Express category for this reason

it is very important that before you

start classes

And even before registering for the

college college Forgive me for choosing very

the province in which they are going to

study Because the province is going to

define how you are going to get the

permanent residency and how quickly

are going to do the process then I wanted to

to tell them about these benefits so that they can

encourage and invest in Canada.

you want to know how to study in the

investing abroad in Canada is a

very good option Because that investment

is fully insured in all its aspects.

process if it does a few things right

Obviously if you want to be in charge of

your entire college registration process

you can send us an e-mail to the following address

shown below so that at no cost without

charge some and my spear spear charge some and my spear spear

you look for it where to study and

register them a kiss for all that

be well bye bye bye

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