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when I think of my home I think of

Montreal is the city that saw me

growing up in a different way where I can grow up in a different way where I

But Ecuador was able to become independent, i.e.

I always carry it obviously in the

heart and that's where all my

family because of the pandemic, i.e. many

people in Latin America lost their jobs and

jobs my dad lost his job and he

was like the support of the house I worked

very hard I had sometimes up to three four


in order to be able to this subsist things For

are not easy unfortunately it is not

as they say on the internet

always not that it is Canada yes it was

everyone in the world

my name is Ariana tomala and I am from

Guayaquil Ecuador

I came to Canada as a student to do

a deck in care counseling

special careling in the al

college when I arrived in Montreal I had

18 years old

was the small truth although they say

which is the age at which you have reached the age of majority

but after coming then from me from my

environment so familiar from being the daughter

the only baby of the house into the world now

real to be treated Well to be treated and to be of


for this was a challenge

Ariana 4 years ago

was full of doubts and illusions

the truth is Ariana I am learning in

the way

now now me well Ariana from the future


es, i.e. it has gained a lot

Knowledge is more self-confident

is happy Well, it used to be very

happy but now I am happy because

I am in a wonderful place where I have

built wonderful things and I have

people who have been able to find people who have

have become very important to me

has always been a person who has always

like living from day to day, i.e. yes.

I like to project things but as I go

seeing one day at a time really no no

I don't want to get tall either

expectations and then

something happens and not being able to comply with them.

well Always obviously fighting for

for everything I set out to do but

not really I didn't know because when you

you graduate you have many doubts, that is to say, you do not

you know where you really

you are going to end up if you are going to find the

job that you like, luckily you will be able to

I got and before that I had many

work experiences that helped me to

to grow professionally and mentally

And I am grateful for all that

Well my first job very different from

what I do now but I think it's like

student one always has to

find something that is flexible because

because our priority was to study

and well this is not my first job.

a restaurant such as

The basqueo they call it here, which is like a

the restaurant's assistants was a

Peruvian restaurant where I also met

very nice people who also welcomed me

at that time as one more and

I really learned a lot

I am currently independent yes Y

it's unbelievable, I don't even believe it myself

really but

that is to say, we also spend some time

difficult because of the pandemic, i.e.

many people in Latin America

lost their jobs my dad lost his

work and he was like the support of the

the house and well, I didn't I mean, I worked very

hard had sometimes up to three or four


in order to make a living

but it was rewarding because I was

gave all with all the energy

in the summer is the one I took the most advantage of

the truth I was working As I believe

40 30 hours a week

because this during this period

winter I had classes and it was about 9 o'clock in the morning.

morning to six o'clock in the afternoon

and then you have to study

tasks and

Sometimes I had work to do but I had to

I had to organize myself because it wasn't just about

that's what I've been looking forward to so much.

I miss coming home and having your

dish served no now it's time to arrive

cook do homework then this

I learned a lot about organization and it's something

that I am still working there are no days

when I arrive and I don't want to do anything

but not when it's time to play

to be able to save

[Music] [Music

just like everyone else, I started

and then little by little and

buying things to furnish the house

to finally call it a home

at the beginning as

I was so little I came here at 18 years old

Well, it was a tough transition because

you leave your family to your friends and it is a

little difficult

it hurts me to leave my parents because they are

something too important to me and


I'm kind of hoping it doesn't happen to them

nothing And that, I think, is the concern

of the majority of the immigrants who

leave their family behind


[Music] [Music

to be there as if in expectation of

to know that they are well because

many of our countries are not doing well

and we are striving to have a

better future and

and nothing I mean I would love them to be

here with me always accompanying me but

Well, things are not easy

Unfortunately, it is not as they say it is.

they always say on the internet not that it is

Canada So to everyone and it is

easy to come and Well that is not easy

it takes a lot of sacrifice I'm not saying it's not

easy just because of the issue of the

papers that maybe this one you have to

prepare your profile perhaps to be able to

come here in the right way but not in the wrong way.

it's easy because you leave everything behind

[Music] [Music

actually now

that is, with the friends I have made

establish a relationship this quite a bit

is how they have become as

family for me and I think they

share the same sentiment

I no longer feel I no longer feel I no longer feel like the

same intensity of Soledad I think there is

moments that we all have where

You miss your family and all that but

you know that you are well and that they

are good too and how nice soon

you will see them again, fortunately

well on vacation one can

try this travel to your country Then

I no longer feel the loneliness of the

same intensity but no longer worth as much

[Music] [Music

when I think of my home I think of

Montreal because it is the city that saw me

growing up in a different way where I can grow up in a different way where I

I was able to become independent where I could set up my

home with a lot of effort but Ecuador or

always carried it obviously in the

heart and that's where all my

family and

it's a strange feeling but so my

home could say it's Montreal today

you have a boyfriend no Yes today I have a boyfriend

yes, we will soon be two years old

together we started to go out in the pandemic

it was a difficult time because

there was a curfew Well only in

Canada in some parts of the world

could not go to a restaurant to sit down or

to the cinema then this one touched us the

old to go for a walk AND talk but

I think it was important because it helped us

much to know each other

and we were an emotional support I think one

for each other during that time and

Thank God our relationship has been

flourishing and continues to be a support

quite large and important to me

[Music] [Music

one of the challenges I have had in

these four years has been

the language also that Barrier

I mean, luckily I had some

bases in Ecuador and here you can

improve over time but it is true that

in French It is quite important in

Montreal and now that I have learned

has really opened a lot of doors for me

does not mean that one cannot

to develop or grow in Montreal without

French but it's like a Plus and it's

really gratifying to be able to be able to

communicate in such a beautiful language

with the people here really

They are very appreciative when one does the


[Music] [Music

the advice that I would give them is that

not enough information about the city

to learn English and French because

that will open many doors for them that

that they should not be afraid, although they will be

at some point in time but that they are in for a

wonderful experience because it really

Montreal opened the doors for me

if it were one more really and it is a

wonderful city where you can

experience different

climates such as winter and summer in

spring is too beautiful and one

really appreciates to experience Not those

these things then they should not be afraid

[Music] [Music

that they really trust them because they

letting go of a child one really has

to give him confidence and let him know of

that even though they are going to be far away that

are there for them fortunately

now with technology one can be

connected with them in real time not that

it's not the same but it's nothing that

then trust a lot trust a lot trust a lot

that this investment that we are making is really

they are going to do in their children is going to be worth

and it's something that my parents are now

after four years they tell me like

that they have no regrets at all because

that is to say, they have seen me bloom from

an incredible way that

that I don't know if it would have happened if I had been in


I am really

grateful to be here and thanks to

Eddy really because I think I was a

of its first customers and

Eddy grabbed me by the hand and took me to the

bank led me to take out the social

was was everything was divided into five made me

cerosmen also

got me apartment my first home

where I have too many memories

and I am very happy to see it growing and in

all in all areas of professional

personally and your company because you do

wonderful things for people

[Music] [Music

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