IMPORTANT: Canada does not allow these persons to enter Canada if they arrive very early in the country.

In this video I explain a phenomenon that is occurring at many ports of entry in Canada, in which people arriving in Canada well in advance of the start of classes or work are being denied entry into the country, this is NOT official news as of today and therefore you should corroborate it and make sure you have no problems entering. However, my advice is that to avoid an unpleasant moment, arrive in Canada 21 to 17 days before your classes start or your job starts. This time includes the 14 days of quarantine. DISCLAIMER: this information is NOT official, you as a student or worker are obliged to corroborate it and make your own decisions at your own risk. Immiland Canada is not responsible for any problems at the port of entry of any temporary immigrant. I hope this video helps you,With love,Immiland

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