ONLY the OFFER is missing, what do I do?

The best thing is to be informed about how to give the best interview in the world. It is not only answering the questions well, it is knowing the immigration law, it is understanding the process that will bring us to Canada and above all the interest to show the employer that we are what they are looking for to grow their company. In this video I give you my tips as an employer and as a consultant.

I hope it will be of great help,

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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is Ramirez and you are going to help me to

you to arrive in Canada through the

legal way as it has to be today we are going to

talk about this negotiation to

search for a job offer in Canada and

I know a lot of people say like

Eddy but I'm looking for job offers

I go to job interviews and the

employer maybe if I contact you later

and never calls me How can I

let's say persuade him to

employer is interested in me even if I

is outside Canada and hire me if I

I will give you a total of 1 2 3

between 3 and 4 super good tips for

to achieve this offer of employment

Let's start with the first tip I'm going to give you

to give today is that you know the law guys

I have come to realize that people

job interviews are coming up and

expect the employer or recruiter to

know the immigration law AND

Unfortunately, most cases do not

is this the way Canadians in your mind you

employer Balta is out of Canada

will give your life You really don't need

he thinks we all live happily

of Latin America and that no one wants to

travel to Canada and it's like oh no.

very complicated that's not what I take it for

I'm afraid I don't do it I have given myself

that people who are familiar with

For example, if

you are a tlc country if you speak

French at a celebrated level five enters

by mulita de francofont that is to say if

you know the immigration law know step

step by step to get the permit for

your employer or recruiter is going to

have more confidence in finding it

because you are not going to be a nuisance

but it is going to be a person who

It's honestly going to bring something positive to

the company to remember with an employer

think that what you are going to bring is

discomfort processes and annoyance

employer will close the screen and will

be forget it, but if the employer sees the

you someone proactive who knows and

seeks solutions and who knows how to do

Perhaps the approach to

employer will be different second

advice and this one is really amazing

today, there is a phenomenon in which the

people because they are quite unstable

and so I changed jobs

very fast when you are trying to

persons with a work permit

closed one as an employer gets

let's say a certain job stability with

that employee because the employee is

let's say married to the employer because

has a closed work permit

then one as an employer gives a vote

of trust to the employee and the employee

comes to Canada with a permit that

only allows him to work for the

employer not for another employer, for example, if I

hire to make glasses I can't

say tomorrow Chief I with the permission that

you gave me I'm going to make phones bye

Not if I want to change jobs and

make phones I need a permit

of new work, then the fact that

have a closed work permit

generates a kind of loyalty between

you and the employee obviously do not

is always true but I think that one

need to be grateful and if one

gets an employer who helped him to

traveling to Canada gives one a permit

helped him to achieve the

dream that one is looking for one in

retribution has to be Loyal and

stay with the company for at least two years.

years until the end of the

employment contract with the person who

brought to Canada So my advice is

that they do to the chief loyalty officer of

interest in staying on to work with him

and the desire not to change the work in

a month but to stay there with his

work permit closed

Another important aspect is that by

example people going to Canada with the

free trade agreement (fta) the free trade agreement or

Morita francofont for example, are not

employers are obliged to pay you a

very high salary I explain to you in Canada

there are three salary bands per province

and by city it was given low middle and high

Canadian employers who

hire employees in Canada pay

always between medium and high which is

say, for example, at $80 per

hour for say a computer scientist on

work can be 80 60

hours an hour for example is an example

now if a Canadian employer wants to

to bring in a foreigner by means of a

tlc or Movil de francofont for example

can pay you between low and medium

will not pay hour five will not pay hour five will not pay hour five will not pay hour five will not pay hour five will not pay hour five will not pay

exploit it Ojo will pay a salary that

is between low and medium in the

half that for the employer obviously

is much more attractive than turning it off.

you must very high in Canada and you can

negotiate it with the employer can

tell you look boss I know someone with

my experience in Canada can win the

hour at 60 an hour or at 50

I have taken out the account I have given me

account that where you stay in the

the cost of living is so high and one

can live monthly on so much per month for

how would you like to start by

the first six months we go with a

instead of 50 per hour it is

30 an hour or 28 an hour, and then at the

six months we renegotiated my

salary to see if we can raise a

little more the employer is going to be

obviously satisfied you will see that

you are sucking the jumping flame

that he can pay you a little lower and

that in the future you will see if you really

is an employee provided by the company

can negotiate to pay you more of this

way you show the employer a

ease of contracting for the following

the economic part and the fourth council

is that if your job allows you to do so

works the principle at a distance which is

This is good if you have to work

e.g. masonry carpenter and

you can work from your computer in

your home in your country of

Let's do one thing: first build me up for

three months from my country or six months

see how I work and if you like it, then to

long term takes me to Canada gives me the

job offer I am in charge apply

the visa in that way the employer is going to

realize that because you have the

you gain the ability and you in those three

six months that he has as a probationary period

you will give your thousand percent to

that the employer falls in love with you and

I took him to Canada these tips I have

realized that they are quite positive

because they are the tips that my clients

use to travel to Canada With permission from

work closed if you are also this

video have already used other tips

leave it in the comments for more

people who are like you today in

day looking for the job offer the

and come to Canada to work

I hope you find this video useful Les

I send a kiss to all of you be well


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