Canada's FALSE expectations. MANY are leaving.

Let's promote responsible immigration. Let's stop thinking that Canada is what irresponsible content creators promote without understanding the consequences of these practices that destroy lives in addition to being illegal.

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people are leaving Canada all over the world

the end of the dream leaves Canada

Canada Canada is what we thought

are the titles now on the videos in

YouTube that give more views than ever before

when it used to be the fashion to sell Canada and

to say that it was Wonderland and that it was a

it is true that people are leaving Canada and

I want us to touch points of view

different and are is my honest opinion to the

respect and people are leaving Canada and yes, they do.

people will continue to leave Canada

and how can they not go away if in the last few years

years, the youtubers or creators of

content have been dedicated to say Canada

it is a country of avillas who are looking for

people who want to have children in order to

country or that Canada pays to populate the country or that

people to have children or to come to

Canada will pay your airfare and provide you with food

or rather the food in Canada

is free How is it that there are creades contos

saying that in Canada they can see

Canada as tourists and Search for employment and

stay in Canada working obviously

people who watched these videos for so long

time an idea was created in the mind

Canada with expectations

that do not exist in a country that, like all other countries

countries of the world have their own

own problems then sell everything

in an irresponsible manner if they come to

Canada as a tourist to see if they get

work and apply for a so-called "work visa" and

work they never get are spent

all your savings and then you have to go

to their country of origin and obviously there will be

much and much more quantity of

information on the internet from people who

they had to leave because sadly they did not

achieved the Canadian dream Then

I want us to read about it

to encourage a migration

responsible and also that we talk about

which are normal situations, e.g.

someone is already going to tell me in the

comments Ed that's a lie because

even Canadians are leaving Canada

all life have been gone What person has not

leaves your country, for example, there are

Europeans traveling anywhere

of the world, French is a person who

is always emigrating to a new country my

husband has lived all over the world and

he is 35 years old, that is normal

Canadian goes to Canada looking for

better opportunities in another country

but it is not the end of the world they do not leave

because the country is bad or because it is very

well, they leave because it is part of a

normal migratory movement of

people then this idea that

Canada is perfect and brings us to Canada to

all thinking of perfection because

obviously gives us a giant shock

when we arrive and realize that

the country has its own problems

social, economic and political

doctors as you have seen in my videos

the medical system in the United States.

Canada but when you travel to Canada

with an elaborated migration plan

responsible understanding that not everything here

is given away that food costs in

supermarket that you are not going to give you a

ticket when you arrive in Canada So that

buy a house or a car for free does not give

as it is other influencers by

there but you have to work

strongly and is going to reach a country with

your own problems in which you

will change their reality in their country of origin.

a different reality in the country of origin.

Canada that is going to be a reality with

problems at that time that you

accept these two elements you are

ready to emigrate but if you are

traveling to Canada thinking that he arrived in

a perfect country a land of wonders

a country in which everything works that

you will have at your doorstep

food to eat free of charge

well, sadly stay at home because

does not have the house here in Canada because

that does not exist in Canada So this is

more than anything else as a reflection to

understand that if people leave Canada

because they do not make their migration plan

There were obviously some people who were

who saw Canada with a plan created and

things don't work out and they went to their

Yes, but more of those in the country of origin

If you come to

Canada with a clear idea of what it has

what to do with a completed migration plan

with common sense savings does not have

why see your migration plan

failed because it is possible to achieve it

since many have done so but if Ed

travels to Canada thinking that all this is

free and easy because sadly

your reality is going to be that you are going to end up

in their country of origin with their suitcases in

your home so let's focus on

to see the appropriate information let's leave the

yellowism, let's stop looking for clicks for

views and realize that the

information we share in networks

social impact on the lives of others

people We do not sell shoes we sell

life and if you want to sell Mira to

Canada as a fad will sadly

responsible for the failure of many

people Although you are obviously

who view the information need to know

who they believe in and who they don't believe in and who they don't believe in.

to be responsible and to investigate but

whatever that external influence may be that

tells us that everything is perfect always goes

to generate in our head some kind of

idea or crazy dream that is going to help us

to make that decision to leave based on

information that is not real then

be very careful so that when

make your migration plan do it right

and to do so on a sound basis and above all

with a lot of responsibility that is very

well bye bye

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