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Hello Hello Very good morning to all

Welcome to a new video Welcome

to my channel as you know my name

is to help you get to the point where you can

Canada through legal channels as it has to

Today I want us to read about a

very important topic and it is for

students Because it is about to start

classes, people begin to

register for September and May

next year and that's when you start

as the value offers and one therefore tends to

to always look for the best prices

accessible and go that way I love you

that it is very common to get in

Canada quite a few private colleges or

College that have a type of college style that is

studies that are called up that tend to

confusion because people see the

which are super-economical costs in

Super-good colleges in super-good buildings

education, but which are not

Unfortunately, these programs are not going to

give you the possibility to take out

permanent residency Here I tell you

everything when you don't travel to Canada to study

the most important tool for

to obtain permanent residency will be

called postgraduate Edition World permit

work permit after graduation

because this is important and it is because I

I travel to Canada as and for me

transition and become a resident

permanent the experience I require

I must get it after graduation

That is, I finish my classes and I have to

and that experience

I get after graduation is what

that will allow me to apply to the

residence by provincial nomination or

by Express entry What's going on here many

people are leaving for programs of

economic studies in colleges that do not

post graduation Word allows and

when you buy these programs

purchase because the College page says

work in Canada while you study

Canadian experience but what

you do not know is that the experience

that one gets with the

not giving permanent residency to a coop is

basically a program that has a

internship as part of its program

educational then for me to study

business and graduate from business of such

College I must complete three months of cop

internships to receive my diploma great

so far but if this program that


allows you to apply for a postgraduate degree Edition

Word permit I cannot apply the

permanent residence there are many

programs in many colleges such as

example are those of moha College that are

call business with coop these options

are wonderful to make because I make

a program in business

which is issued by graduation Word permit or

is eligible for postgraduate Edition Word

permitt I can apply for a permit from

work after graduation but there are

many other colleges that unfortunately

I am going to make them a

College example that in Canada are dli

to get permission to study and that

apart emit posgraduation Word allows

and others that are cop but do not emit

postgraduate Edition Word allows as

can you know this basically

go to Google and type dli c will go to

enter the first link that appears go to

go down and here they are going to place the province

in which you wish to study I am going to

to place in my province example

of Ontario and then here in this space

I place the name of the College I am

researching which is going to be wet College

moja college enter and let's see what

the dni appears, which is the number of the

College the name the College the city

where it is and apart eligible for

Edition Word permit and they are going to see

what does yes say when I see yes

I automatically know that all the

programs that I was at College me

will allow you to apply for residency

Now I want us to make a

example with another program in this case

is the same idea we are going to place the

same licic program and we will go to

the first part where it says the province

and I want to show you something interesting

we will place British Columbia and we will

to place the College salt to go to the

College Vancouver and see what it says

details when it says to choose the

posgraduation Word permit says details

I enter here and it says You are legible

and it shows me 5 bachelors or five

programs at college Vancouver

means that if I go to Vancouver and

study a program at al college

that is not on this list even though it is a

program in a College that in

eligible principle Regrettably, this

program outside of this list will not

allow to apply to the posgraduation Word

now let's do another example

same program in Colombia

and I am going to place greystone

College business

College wonderful with institutions

great teachers very well prepared But

if you see craison Collection in

super economical programs an option

very tentative but when we placed the

same dni and then go down where it says

Colombia and we write greystone College

we see that the right will say choose

posgraduation Word permit not when

a program is not eligible thus allows

Cope has the consequence that

you will not be able to get the

experience to apply for residency

what happens that we were going to

imagine that you say I am going to take the

risk because I cannot afford the cost

of a public college, which are a lot of

I can only pay for this one.

program that I study that is more

economic is just as good and but

I want to travel to Canada What options

I have if you go to Canada to study

a College program a College that does not

offers postgraduate Edition Word permit sepa

that first your partner automatically

loses the applied for work permit

second consequence you as a

student finishes classes and is unable to

extend its history in Canada and

to remain as a worker at this time

you had to change your status to

and start looking for a job as a tourist and start looking for something

what you can do in the event that

decide from a cop that I repeat is not my

advice is while you are born the

studies if they have any type of

practice trying to connect very well with

the employer and show them that you

are employed in excellent workers

employer will be able to offer you a

says Well, Chief, I'm running out of time

I have to go to my country of origin to study.

origin in the faith is going to say Uh And how

I do to make you stay with me and there it is

that you can explain to them good

boss if for example you are from countries

with tlc they can see if the tele

protects you to stay in Canada

With work permit closed for

example, an attractive option for the

if you are not from a country

with tlc I recommend you listen to me very carefully.

to study French for what?

so that the boss does not need to make a

lmi positive if you are from a country that does not

have tlc know that automatically your

employer needs to apply for an lm already

positive, which in many cases is the

point on the boss says I don't hire him

but on the other hand if you know

French at b2 level your employer does not

needs an already positive lm but

you show your French b2 and

automatically applies to an lm and

accention this for people who are from

countries without fta for what is this for?

the boss decides to leave them to

you in Canada and not let you

to return to their country of origin but

remember to change tourist status

all this negotiation and within

Canada have to apply for a permit

closed working time is time without

work another option that you can

evaluate if they cannot get is

is to secure the job is that it gets a

advanced English level French

intermediate take into account their studies

in Canada for their studies in their country of origin.

experience in their country of origin.

and can be evaluated and applied to the

permanent residence directly by the

Express entrys and points if

Then how do you determine whether or not

you are going to Canada to study in a

program issuing postgraduate Edition

Word allows a College that is eligible

to an Edition Word permitt

you take all this off your hands

that I just said do not need

headfirst to give each other the hair A

see how many points there are per expressentry

to see if the boss will hire them with a

work closed because basically the

benefit of the

is to ensure its transition so that

continue in Canada as workers and

that your partner can work while

you are studying with a permit from

work open to my eyes can see it

to me it doesn't make much sense for you to

invest in a cop because in the end the

Job can cost instead of 10 instead of

20,000 is going to cost you Ten thousand or 12,000

yes But it is still a high amount and

have to add maintenance have to add

add to this the expense of your partner or your

children if they come to Canada as a tourist or

student your children if there are many

expenses that in the end may

perhaps wait a year in their own countries

more to save and there to get the fund

that require for a public College

graduation Word allows me to think that

this video is important for you to take

the right decision about the

Canada by way of studies and define

do take the gigantic risk of making a

cop or go for a postgraduate degree

Edition direct and in case says by a

cop already know their options they have

I hope this video will help you a lot

I send you a big kiss and if you wish

inminán will be responsible for finding them where

study with great pleasure

contact us at education at

milá, knowing that 100% of

our College issues postgraduate Edition

Word allows the student to graduate that

be very well bye bye

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